Debunking the Sloppy and Inaccurate Economic Argument for Export Subsidies

The Export-Import Bank is noxiously corrupt example of crony capitalism. It never should have been created. But that’s something we could say about most government programs. So the real question is how to reverse the damage. If we reform a big program such as Medicare, you can’t end it overnight. You have to deal with […]

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Conservative Comedy 4/4/14

It’s time for some Conservative Comedy at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best Conservative political satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. These days, when VP Joe Biden speaks, all we can do is laugh. Only it’s not really a happy “ha-ha” laugh, but rather a really disturbing and slightly psychotic-sounding laugh of the type which makes crops wither and die in the fields, cattle go barren, and causes terrified neighbors to bolt their doors and sow salt across their thresholds. An example of this comes from a recent speech where Uncle Joe addressed the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and declared that in his view, the eleven million illegal aliens living in the shadows are “already American citizens.” Well, that’s certainly a time saver! Why bother with pesky details like laws, borders, or immigration agencies when citizenship can just be passed out for free like “Yes We Can!” condoms at a middle school? This is an assault on the very meaning of “citizenship,” and an insult to every man, women, and child who is in this country legally. As the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change points out, when Biden […]

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Think About It

At the end of these questions add the phrase ‘think about it’: When someone [like the president] says “Let me be clear”, does that mean everything he said previously was meant not to be clear? Why do people use the phrase ‘that’s unb…

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Conservative Comedy 5/10/13

It’s Friday! Time for a few laughs courtesy of Jodi Miller and Newsbusted along with our new addition, the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change. This week, they take a satirical look at the Boston bombers, radical Islam, Cinco de Mayo, taxes, and a popuri of other current events.   Have a great weekend!    

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Tim Bishop: Fighting (for?) Working Americans

In the next section of Tim Bishop’s issues page, he writes about “Fighting for Working Americans.” But like the other areas, what Tim Bishop says is often far from truth. He begins, oddly enough, with lowering gas prices. Why is that odd? A quick glance at the photo above shows what gas prices are today […]

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“Buffett Rule” Should be My “Buffet Rule”

  Okay, so the Senate Republicans shot down the Buffett Rule. Whew, I was about to head offshore to protect my ass…ets. I sointenly wasn’t going to turn over 30% to the Gubmint.   What I want to propose instead is the “Buffet Rule.” That’s pronounced “buff-fay” to those of you who don’t frequent Vegas […]

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