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Security cabinet to IDF: Hit Hamas harder

Thanks to Israel’s insistence on doing the right thing for their people, Israel’s security cabinet told the IDF, aka the Israeli Defense Forces, to keep hitting Hamas hard: Amid mounting diplomatic pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire, the security cabinet on Wednesday instructed the IDF to continue to “forcefully hit Hamas and the […]

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“America Is The Land For Big Dreams.” – Chicks on the Right

Daisy over at Chicks on the Right posted a letter from one of her readers the other day. It says some important things about how we built this country, and how we’ll keep it going as well. Susie and her family are what I know as real Americans. Not rich, not prestigious, and above all not […]

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Back in 1948 when Little Satan’s history was measured in hours and days, they needed an air force because they were being attacked by five different national armies. Through official embargoes, and all the impediments the United States and Great Britain could devise (remember this was when Palestine was still a British mandate) they scraped […]

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The King’s Prerogative

We have talked several times about the rise of administrative law and it’s almost exact similarity with the King’s Prerogative. You can find those articles here, here, here, and one here at Jess’, nearly all of those articles also have links, if you’re interested. Today we are going to speak of how the Obama administration […]

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Sheep, Shepherds, and Wolves

Much has been said this week, some of it here, about ISIS and the Christians of Mosul. It is right for us to weep, and gnash our teeth over the fate that is overtaking our brothers and sisters. Many of us lay much of the blame at the feet of our politicians, I think that […]

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The audacity to aim for a new apogee The audacity of a civilized people to defend themselves. Make no mistake, the IDF is on the front line, in defense of all civilized people, for truly There are barbarians at the gates. I have been told that the friend of a friend, a young woman who, […]

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