Escaping the Digital Media ‘Crap Trap’

This is most interesting and strikes me as pretty much how the trends are going. I see it here, I see it on my occasional forays into digital media, and I especially see it with the garbage legacy media has become. By Jim VandeHei writing on The Information. Here is how they fell into this lethal […]

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The Changing Faces of the Papacy

This is a fascinating overview of the last 50 or so years of the Catholic church, not so much a lecture as an audio/visual memoir. While he doesn’t take anybody’s side in the controversies racking our churches, he gives a perspective on why things are as they are, one of the best talks I’ve heard […]

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

There’s an excellent article over at First Things this month. Nothing at all unusual about that, of course, but this one speaks to a fair number of our problems. The problem with ­science is that so much of it simply isn’t. Last summer, the Open Science Collaboration announced that it had tried to replicate one […]

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Character is Crumbling in Leadership

Dale R. Wilson, who publishes Command Performance Leadership, is one of my oldest blogfriends. He doesn’t publish as often as he used to, which is a shame, but when he does, his posts are always incisive, and important. This is no exception. In military and civilian academic institutions around the world, above and beyond their […]

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Well, it must be time for some more Bill Whittle. As always he makes a lot of sense while telling the truth.     Yep, I couldn’t agree more, if you want to whine about us eating your food, and wearing your hats, well you would do well to quit using all the things the […]

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Saturday, Finally

Seems like some weeks last a month doesn’t it. This one did around here. Besides that, I got to talking to my Hoosier buddy Lafayetteangel, who ran a lovely piece recalling some music from an earlier day. I haven’t done one in a long time, so let’s do it! May as well start with my […]

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