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Petit Tyrants

This Parallel Between LBJs And Obamas War Plans Will Terrify You

This is more than a bit worrying. Johnson did an outstanding job of messing up the war effort by his ridiculous micro-management. But one has to admit that he did pay attention. With Obama we’re likely to have the spectacle of micromanagement without supervision. Worse, unimaginably worse in every way. From the Federalist. Here’s where […]

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Why would anyone still love Britain?

Well, tomorrow (British time) Scotland will decide whether or not to leave the United Kingdom. It will sadden me if they decide to. Of course as an American, like the Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders, I am a product of the United Kingdom, especially in my political and civic outlook, for all of my Norwegian […]

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This Is The Worst Thing Ever. And Were All Going To Die.

Heh! Perhaps we need to take a deep breath once in a while. I’m as bad as any of us, for what its worth. We’ll (most of us anyway) likely live through it, we always have. We have the worst president ever. The worst congress ever. The worst Supreme Court ever. Every event is the […]

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Keeping the Faith

I can’t speak for you but, this has been the longest summer I can remember. It has had many distractions in my life, and our lives as Christians and citizens of free countries and it seems like none of them were for the good, or at least they seemed to have little good at the […]

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Remembrance and Resolve

Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis ætas; Magnus ab integro sæclorum nascitur ordo. iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna, iam nova progenies cælo demittitur alto. From the  Eclogue of Virgil: And so for the thirteenth time, we remember that day, that day of infamy, in New York, in Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, when we […]

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War Weary?

It seems Washington is convinced that America is war-weary. It’s not a completely inane remark. But I’m not sure that it is exactly accurate either. I don’t think there is any doubt at all that America is very tired indeed of watching as Washington sends our matchless military into conflicts with one hand tied behind […]

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