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Petit Tyrants

Some Thoughts on Ferguson; and the Police

No, I’m not going to tell you who is right or wrong here, I don’t know, and you don’t either. Even the prosecutor doesn’t really have a handle on it yet. I can make any argument you want on it – but it all bulls**t until the facts have been found. Still like many of you, […]

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Of Letters and Bombs

The Anglican Bishop of Leeds had sent a letter to the Prime Minister, my understanding is with the full knowledge and approval of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This is it. Dear Prime Minister, Iraq and IS I am conscious of the speed at which events are moving in Iraq and Syria, and write recognising the […]

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A New Site

We wrote yesterday about Jessica having to take her site All Along the Watchtower private due to some bigots applying pressure. Simply shameful. But what’s done is done. And so the Watchtower with its treasure of information on Christianity is no longer open access, although it still exists. A sad thing, really. Those of you […]

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Good v.Evil

You know it is rare in the case of moral men, for an opponent to be so unequivalently evil as to gain condemnation from every responsible statesman, and the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury. In fact, never in the lifetime of living men has the Pope issued a statement calling for the use of […]

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Perfidious Albion the Anti-Semite

I dearly love my British friends, as you all know, but it takes a special kind of waffling to make Obama look like a stand-up guy. Apparently Cameron is up to that as he is few useful things. He has managed to get “a few” C-130s to fly in to help the relief effort in […]

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The Rhymes of History: OODA Edition

This is pretty interesting, and we would be well to file it in the “Rhymes of history” file. Whatever happens-it has before, probably often. Here’s Thomas Fleming bringing advice from George Washington to our present problems. Another way to phrase this, that I use, it was developed by an Air force officer, is the OODA […]

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