Remembering Mr. Lincoln

Friday, was, of course, Abe Lincoln’s birthday. Interestingly, when he was elected President he was a one-term Congressman, not Senator; perhaps other things matter more than experience, at least sometimes. If you remember, he made his name nationally, in 1858, when he ran against Stephen A. Douglas, for the Senate. He lost. It was the […]

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How to Win the White House and Save the World

I periodically reread (or watch) some of Reagan’s speeches, apparently Ace does as well. And he’s noticed something that has vaguely bugged me, as well: I’ve been reading some of Reagan’s old speeches to confirm something to myself. At the Trump-less debate, Rand Paul finished his closing statement by saying something like, “And I’m the […]

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Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness

If you follow the military much you have like seen this video. Looks impressive (and brave), doesn’t it? She worked through it to manage to complete the march. Good for her! Thing is, this is a 12 mile, that has to be completed within 3 hours, and the load is 36 pounds. As opposed to […]

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Lawless America

Embed from Getty Images I was watching the dramatisation of the Nuremberg Tribunal (the one with Alec Baldwin) last night, and it made me think. First, with the immigration status, and such, how far is Germany again from the maelstrom that existed under Weimar? And what will happen this time? We know history doesn’t repeat, […]

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Of Super Bowls and Common Markets

Well, I did end up watching the Super Bowl, and enjoying it. It was my sort of game, but then long ago, I was a defensive tackle, who loved to see quarterbacks sacked, sometimes including our own (his ego was pretty much outsized!) But in truth what I liked was that both teams, but especially […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

So for the 50th time, it’s Super Bowl Sunday in America, and around the world. Might be a good game, occasionally it is (for whatever your definition of good is). Best one I ever saw was Super Bowl XX: daBears against the Pats, about which it was said, “If they don’t score, we can’t lose”. […]

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