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Petit Tyrants

Labor Day

English: Col. Theodore Roosevelt. Crop of Image:Theodore Roosevelt, 1898.png with minor Photoshop cleanup עברית: תאודור רוזוולט (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In North America today is Labor Day. If you’re a Canuck you can put the ‘u’ back in there for yourself. Theodore Roosevelt was a practical sort of man. Nobody ever accused him of being lazy […]

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The Self-Loathing of the British (and American) Left

You know, this is pretty interesting, and in truth, more and more it applies to the US as well. It’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not new either. Everytime I read this type of thing I’m reminded of senior British Labor politicians, as well as American ones like Teddy Kennedy visiting Moscow and advising […]

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Happy Saturday, Finally!

Redneck environmentalism? You bet. Tip of the Stetson to Cultural Limits at Rat Nation When a ginger has her back to the wall, she summons the stolen souls — KBDaBear (@kbdabear) August 29, 2014   And I think I’ll move to the Republic of Bill  

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What’s a Strategy?

Well, we have no strategy, he says. I would bet a lot of money that I don’t have that the intelligence and defense communities, and maybe even the state department have some ideas and probably some full blown strategies but, he doesn’t like them. Why? Most likely because they consist of the military breaking some […]

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Islamophobia Part 3, Going on into the Maelstrom

[This post was first published on 17 September 2012. It seems germane to publish it once more, noting that Islamophobia is defined as the irrational fear of Islam. It may be an obsolete term because I'm not sure that it is in any sense an irrational fear] It seems that I have developed a Reputation for speaking […]

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Where is comfort?

There’s no doubt, my friends, that we live in unsettling times. The ending of the Cold War was hailed by some as the ‘end of history’; we wish! We can wish we did not live in such times as we now see, but as Gandalf says in ‘Lord of the Rings’, so do all who […]

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