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Hope, and Prayer

As I said in my last post, I do not feel competent to offer solace to the other victims in this scandal: the women who have been cheated, by themselves, and by pressure tactics from having their children. They too pay a heavy price. While I don’t have any personal experience of this, my dearest […]

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Planned Parenthood: The Third Video

Archbishop Cranmer Tweeted this recently The problem with the postmodern political consensus is that it rejects good and evil, and relativises morality. Most voters do neither. — Archbishop Cranmer (@His_Grace) July 28, 2015 Well, we hope they don’t anyway. But the thing is; if they never see or hear about the story, does it exist […]

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How We Got There: US 30 in Fort Wayne

A couple of weeks ago, I promised a little post about the history of transportation in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I haven’t forgotten. The Fort was founded in 1797, to guard against Indian attacks, remember that this was disputed territory after the revolution, and would remain so until after the War of 1812. The fort, and […]

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“On Point” with Tomi Lahren

I thought this went up yesterday, but my files say different. So here it is! Well, this may or may not be the way to win friends and influence people. But it is an excellent example of the use of a declarative sentence. I couldn’t agree more with her

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Widespread touchscreen ordering to come to NYC fast food restaurants by next year?

This cannot be said enough: The Actual Minimum Wage is $0.00! Why? Because that’s what you earn when you do not have a job, or business (with customers, I suppose) The Wall Street Journal reports that, on Wednesday, as predicted, the panel convened by Governor Cuomo to study fast-food wages will formally recommend paying workers […]

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Iran, Hubris, Appeasement, and Despotry

View image | Jonathan S. Tobin had some thought on the Iran treaty, they’re good thoughts, well presented, so let’s look in on them. Following through on its strategy of trying to make Congressional approval of the Iran nuclear deal irrelevant, the Obama administration pushed through a resolutionimplementing the agreement today at the United […]

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