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Petit Tyrants

Veteran’s Day

I sat down last night to write a post for Veteran’s Day, and I couldn’t think of a single new thing to say. So this is from a couple of years ago, with a few additions, nothing has really changed, has it? That’s mostly because, I suppose, that nothing is really new. Our guys and girls are […]

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Education Needs More Freedom, Not More Money

  Back a few weeks ago, Emily Domenech, wrote piece on education spending. My plate was running over like Niagara falls at the time so it got set aside. I’m in the process of catching up, and I think it to be important, so here it is.   If you’ve ever spoken to a public school […]

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Be Strong, and of Good Courage

Back many years ago before the real beginning of the modern world, back in the heady days not long after Henry VIII had turned England from being an adjunct of Europe to looking out on the world, not long after the Battle of the Solent where Henry beat of Francis I’s French fleet, and lost […]

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Klavan on the Media

Andrew Klavan on the media   Heh!

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The Ebola Firewall

Sorry guys, I’m neck-deep in a project, and the water keeps rising. But here’s Bill Whittle’s current Firewall. What’s that? Yep, I agree with everything he says here.

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The U.S. vs U.K. Wimpiness Contest

It’s time for an updated version of the U.S. vs U.K. government stupidity contest. This ongoing series has featured amazing feats of inane government, including the world’s most pointless road markings, photo-ID requirements for drain cleaner purchases, and a government so incompetent that it couldn’t give money away. Today’s contest, though, is going to focus […]

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