Deadly Outbreak

… And we are ground zero. It’s Parvo; it killed Breezy puppy yesterday and the veterinarian does not think Moose puppy will survive it. Boscoe puppy has symptoms but is still walking around under his own power. Of course that means nothing because Moose and Boscoe were perfectly fine yesterday and now poor Moose may … Continue reading “Deadly Outbreak”

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Please, God, No More Death

Breezy puppy died yesterday, now his brother Moose is sick, and we still don’t know what is wrong. I am afraid we are going to lose all our dogs without ever knowing why. I am waiting for a call back from the vet to see if they have any interest in working with us on … Continue reading “Please, God, No More Death”

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Breezy Puppy Illness Update

After a long night and day, Breezy is still fighting. Breezy is still very weak and sleeping a lot, but I got him to drink some water and eat a little chicken with his medicine this morning – he vomitted a few hours later but the vet said it was ok because it was enough … Continue reading “Breezy Puppy Illness Update”

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Sick Puppy – UPDATED

Our puppies are nearly six months old now and they are getting big, but today there is something wrong with Breezy, who was the “swimmer puppy” runt of the litter. Above is Breezy as he usually is, the happiest living thing that I have ever seen. Today Breezy does not want to get up, or … Continue reading “Sick Puppy – UPDATED”

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It’s #TrumpDay – #TrumpTrain Edition

Last week, it was declared that Wednesdays are better as Trump Days than Hump Days, and being that it is Wednesday again, here are some Trumptastic videos for your enjoyment… Trump Train Anthem: Lloyd Marcus is on the Trump Train: If you like country music, check out Bobby Mackey on the Trump Train HERE, because … Continue reading “It’s #TrumpDay – #TrumpTrain Edition”

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Schadenfreudelicious – Macy’s Karma Edition

It was a big hubabaloo in the enemedia when Macy’s drank the SJW Kool Aid and stopped carrying Trump brand items from their stores after Donald Trump thruthfully made mention of the fact that violent criminals invading our country across our uninforced southern border are harming Ameican Citizens, but Macy’s is now learning that they … Continue reading “Schadenfreudelicious – Macy’s Karma Edition”

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