#TrumpDay Trump Fu Rock Edition

Guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s TrumpDay again! Trump Fu! Trump for America song: How Trump Won The Internet: Time for a Downfall Parody! This is the one where Hitler finds out that Hillary was using his email server: Happy TrumpDay, y’all, enjoy the rest of the week. MAGA!     Tip Jar … Continue reading “#TrumpDay Trump Fu Rock Edition”

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Hollyweird didn’t always hate The Donald, but they have all that peer pressure so they gotta do whatever they think will make their party pals like them or whatever. I think that at least some comedians secretly hope for a Trump win after 8 years of making fun of a sitting POTUS being verboten and … Continue reading “Puppets”

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#HofDebate16 Triggering Snowflakes

Hofstra University has posted a “trigger warning” sign just outside of where tonight’s presidential debate will be taking place, because the coddled students might become traumatized by words and stuff. I hope Milo Yiannopoulis will visit Hofstra soon. H/T: Instapundit     Tip Jar Shop Amazon

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We’re Better Than You

So, there’s this ad out featuring celebrities telling you to vote and that The Donald is meaniepants so you should vote for Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton. Here is a better version that is much more honest: The creator of the above video, youtube user Cosmic, kindly also provides a transcript: On Tuesday, November 8, this … Continue reading “We’re Better Than You”

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The Don Is Coming

The Dark Knight parody featuring Donald Trump as Batman and Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton as The Joker. Enjoy!     Tip Jar Shop Amazon

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Debate Wagers

Bookies are taking bets in advance of tonight’s big presidential debate between Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton, placing odds on all kinds of stuff like the color of Trump’s tie to whether or not the phrase “basket of deplorables” will be uttered. No mention in the NY Post article, however, about what kind … Continue reading “Debate Wagers”

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