Puppies for Trump

Yesterday was, again, TrumpDay. This blog proudly and enthusiastically supports Donald Trump for President of the United States of America – no matter what the left, and their sycophantic elitist enablers on the right, say or do. MAGA! It is important that the above was said before saying anything else after a whole Wednesday went … Continue reading “Puppies for Trump”

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Hurricane Hysteria [Updated] | Power Line

From Powerline, with no comment,  because none is required. The much-hyped Hurricane Matthew still hasn’t made landfall. It has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane as it makes its way up the Southeastern coast. It may yet do great damage here, as it already has in Haiti, but the disappointment in some quarters is […]

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The Politics of Energy

I try pretty hard not to write about politics overmuch, it angers and tires me, and I suspect it does the same to you, especially this year, when the noise level decidedly indicates hearing protection, much like an unmuffled chainsaw. Still, it matters, so let’s let Bill Whittle tell us why.

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King Coal and Freezing in the Dark

We talked about the South Australia blackout the other day, but I want to say a bit more. The Spectator AU tells us this: State governments are sheltered workshops for mediocre politicians rarely good enough to make it in the Canberra big league. They have just one basic task in the Australian federation: to maintain […]

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#TrumpDay Gladiator Cowboy and Cube Edition

Guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s TrumpDay again! What time is it? Here’s something for The Lord of the Rings fans – Lord of the West: The Trump Towers This one is from primary season, but still totally awesome: Donald Trump – The American Gladiator Here’s something for the ladies! The Naked Cowboy … Continue reading “#TrumpDay Gladiator Cowboy and Cube Edition”

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Sing Sing Sing – Wonders of New York

Here’s 12+ minutes of good old fashioned fun. Great song, accompanied by a lovely old film showing off New York City. Good stuff! Benny Goodman: clarinet Harry James, Ziggy Elman, and Chris Griffin: trumpets Red Ballard and Vernon Brown: trombones Hymie Schertzer and George Koenig; alto saxophones Art Rollini and Babe Russin: tenor saxophones Jess … Continue reading “Sing Sing Sing – Wonders of New York”

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