When Did Optimism Become Uncool?

I know, I hate to refer to (let alone link to) The New York Times, but sometimes they almost make sense. This piece, for example, he says several risible things in making his point, but he does have one, and he’s right. What really is so bad? Yes, it could (and should) all be better, […]

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Puppies and Kitten VIDEO!

I’m doing this from my phone so hopefully it works ok. Here is BRAND NEW video featuring the  puppies, Breezy, Boscoe, and Big Moose, and the kitten, Pumpkin. Enjoy! Puppies & Kitten of the Resistance – May 4, 2016 PS If you would like to help with the pet vet & pet supply fund, please … Continue reading Puppies and Kitten VIDEO!

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After my site’s database imploded and I had to start all over again, I had not re-installed the Disqus comment system that I was using and just left the blog with the WordPress default comment system in its place. Today I put Disqus back, because I prefer it, but I don’t have the patience to … Continue reading Comments

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Big Government and Demagoguery: Are We on the Path to Tyranny?

I recently gave a speech (twice) about how demagogues use the promise of big government to gain power. Here it is:

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Americans to Americans

Originally posted on Practically Historical:
Robert E. Lee chose General John B. Gordon… to officially surrender the Army of Northern Virginia to the Union on April 12, 1865.  Gordon was an amateur soldier who proved to be the consummate warrior.  Through the course of the conflict Gordon was badly wounded seven times, with five minnie…

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And, so

Like you all, I face situations in real life, nearly every day that test my beliefs, and my morals. Increasingly, as I get older, I do better. Learning more all the time, and being perhaps more rational, maybe, I don’t really know. But, a few situations have faced me lately in which I am very […]

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