Lawless America

Embed from Getty Images I was watching the dramatisation of the Nuremberg Tribunal (the one with Alec Baldwin) last night, and it made me think. First, with the immigration status, and such, how far is Germany again from the maelstrom that existed under Weimar? And what will happen this time? We know history doesn’t repeat, […]

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Land of Lost Content?

As some of you know, I am fond of poetry. The older I get, the more I think it almost the only thing outside of my Bible that’s worth reading. Yesterday, whiling away time I should have been doing something else with, I told Neo that I was overcome with a sort of melancholy – […]

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Saturday Links

Well, I’m more or less recovered, but there is a mass of stuff I read (and archived for use) while I was ill. So how ’bout some links today to help you (and me) catch up? Hillary Clinton & Double Standards on the Left The Flint Water Scandal The Tribal War with Islam This refers […]

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Is Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party?

Embed from Getty Images David Frum published an article in the Spectator this morning. It’s pretty good. […]The day after the State of the Union, I’ll take the train to New York to debate opposite David Miliband at the IQ Squared Series. The motion: ‘The United States should accept 100,000 Syrian refugees.’ When the debate […]

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Born free?

We all make sense of this world as we can according to what is given to us to do that with. One of the pieces of foolishness which twentieth century politicians and thinkers adopted was the notion that man was a wholly rational animal, and that if one could only ‘explain’ everything, then we would […]

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Modelling the Roman Empire?

No one who goes to DC can help being struck by how much of the governmental architecture is modelled in Rome – the Supreme Court building even has the sign of the Roman legislators – fasces – on its facade. There is no doubting that what you are seeing is the new Roman Republic. That’s […]

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