Gays, the Left, Terrorism, and a bit on Oil

We’ve been talking most of the week about gays and conservatives, in a political context. You can find those articles here, here, and here. And yes, I am always very grateful when Jessica chimes in on these matters, I’m an old fuddy-duddy sometimes and a younger (and female, not to mention British) perspective helps quite […]

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“Don’t drive down the path of negativity and misery; have yourself a joy ride.”


Special Favors For Businesses Don’t Benefit Taxpayers

Interesting story here. This election cycle has stunned even the most seasoned political prognosticators. Voters are clearly fed up with the “Washington Way,” lashing out like never before. If voters truly want to shake up the political landscape, they should start by demanding separation between big government and big business. Corporate favoritism is when government […]

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New Puppy Pictures!

Our puppies are four and three quarters months old and they are nearly as big as their parents now. Momma is a white Siberian Husky with white-blue eyes, Daddy dog is a Dalmatian mixed with black lab and who knows what else. Here are the latest pictures of Moose, Bosco, and Breezy… Breezy was the … Continue reading “New Puppy Pictures!”

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I Knew It Was A Longshot

The odds were not in Tiger’s favor, not at all, and I knew it but I had to try my best to help him anyway because trying meant he had a chance to make it while he faced certain death if we did nothing. Tiger had a good day yesterday, and rewarded me in the … Continue reading “I Knew It Was A Longshot”

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Tiger’s Tale

Yesterday, hubby brought home from his jobsite an abondoned baby kitten who is only a few days old. The kitten’s momma was seen on Friday moving her litter, and husband thought she had gotten them all, but Monday morning revealed one lone baby in a box and the kitten’s momma did not return by the … Continue reading “Tiger’s Tale”

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