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A Man Can Lose His Past in a Country Like This | Reb on the Red Line

A pretty good blog here from my son.

(He is a bit of an anachronism – all of his posts’ titles are taken from Rush lyrics and his blog was inspired in part by Ray Bradbury.)…

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TRUMP’S ILLEGALS’ PLAN…what I was sent 8/28/15…

Immigration plan Reposted from another thread. Inside Trump’s Illegal Immigration Proposals – How To Stop Illegal Immigration Part II ======================== The topic of illegal immigration is a subject we have reviewed, researched and offered possible solutions to be considered for over four years. In Part ONE we outlined how illegal aliens achieve work in the […]

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They Hate Your Guts | The Weekly Standard

If you’ve been here  long, you’ll know that I love P.J. O’Rourke likely more than any humorist writer since mark twain, although Will Rogers is pretty good as well. In this, a letter to the Democratic voters, P.J. again nails many, many it’s. There is simply no point to me wasting time, commenting on this, […]

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Decadence, Part 2, Sex

Well, we’re going back to our series on decadence. This time we are going to talk about sex, and yes the video is a bit NSFW. And that very statement tells you much of the problem, it’s not that we’re oversexed, maybe we are, but maybe we always have been. The problem is that we […]

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THE SO-CALLED DEBATES…#1 ========================= Those “debates” were excellent as far as conservatism on display. I sure hope the under 40s were watching in droves to see people and ideas blocked by the vile DNC whore media. Was not much of a debate though…more of a grilling….. Isn’t it odd that we have had 7 years […]

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Debate: Competence: and a Blowhard

View image | Well, so we got through the first Republican debate. Nothing overly surprising, really. Best job goes by acclimation to Carly Fiorina, she impressed me at the Reagan Library, and she was, if anything, better here. Calm, knowledgeable, on point, decisive, all the things one expects from a CEO and what we could […]

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