Next Chamber transportation sellout

This article suggests that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is preparing to sell out the Republican Party on transportation … again. It’s telling that the reporter says that the “GOP’s traditional allies in the business community are joining DFLers in the push to include transit in a transportation funding package.” It’s as if the Chamber […]

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Trump’s what-ifs that never will be

This article features a Trump quote that isn’t attached to reality. Campaigning in Wisconsin earlier this week, Trump said “if we win Wisconsin, it’s going to be pretty much over.” The thing is that Sen. Cruz will win the Wisconsin primary with a fairly solid margin. Last night, Megyn Kelly asked conservative talk show host […]

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Thissen throws Bakk under DFL bus

Last night, Almanac did a segment previewing the Minnesota Legislature’s agenda. Included in that segment was video of a fight between Speaker Daudt and Rep. Thissen. It wasn’t a fair fight, which is why Rep. Thissen got his butt handed to him. Rep. Thissen said that “tons of controversial stuff were thrown into big bills […]

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Thissen’s transportation troubles

Rep. Paul Thissen specializes in hot partisan rhetoric. Unfortunately for Minnesotans, he’s a disaster when it comes to solving Minnesota’s biggest problems. Rep. Tim Kelly, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, called Thissen out on Thissen’s failure in this op-ed when he wrote “Do you recall Thissen’s ‘comprehensive transportation solution that truly fixes the […]

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Dayton’s transportation flip-flop

It isn’t shocking to find out that Gov. Dayton supports another middle class tax increase. When Gov. Dayton first ran for governor, he campaigned on making Minnesota’s’ tax system more progressive. It’s a promise he kept for the first half of his first term, thanks mostly to Republican majorities in the House and Senate. In […]

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Wolgamott visits Ox in the Afternoon

Dan Wolgamott visited with KNSI’s Dan Ochsner Wednesday afternoon. Wolgamott was the DFL-endorsed candidate against Rep. Tama Theis in 2014. Here’s a little historical information on that race. Rep. Theis won that election by 1,300 votes while garnering 55% of the vote. One of the topics discussed during the interview was transportation. Wolgamott lamented the […]

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