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Petit Tyrants

SCTimes endorses Dayton, Part II

In Part I of this series, I highlighted the Times’ sloppiness with basic facts. In this post, I hope to highlight the wishful thinking found in the Times’ article. Here’s the first bit of wishful thinking in the Times’ article: In addition to leading the Legislature to shore up transportation funding, Dayton should give serious […]

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LTEs from a different planet, Part II

This LTE isn’t rooted in historical fact or reality. Here’s proof: After the 2012 election, District 14B Rep. Zachary Dorholt and the Legislature had the tough task of cleaning up our state’s finances, which had been left in shambles. Previous Legislatures had passed along a $600 million budget deficit and nearly $1 billion in debt […]

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Dayton isn’t interested in honesty

The thing that stood out during Tom Hauser’s interview with Gov. Dayton was Gov. Dayton’s insistence that some official government reports were totally accurate while other official government reports were rubbish. For instance, Gov. Dayton insisted that health insurance prices were going up a paltry 4.5%, a statistic that’s been frequently discredited. Here’s what I […]

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Desperate attack vs. the truth hurts

Jeff Johnson’s latest ad is causing quite a stir: Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson released a new television ad today that questions the competence of DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. Johnson’s ad is titled “Unaware.” The narrator contends that Dayton was unaware of bonuses paid to “failed Obamacare bureaucrats,” the contents of bills he signed and […]

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LTEs from a different planet

There are times when I can’t help but wonder if some of the LTEs weren’t written by space aliens from a different planet. This LTE is one of them. Here’s what’s got me scratching my head in disbelief: Minnesota is among the national leaders again in low unemployment and growth of jobs that provide good […]

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MNsure’s viability questioned

This report puts MNsure’s solvency into question. Here’s something from the report’s opening paragraph that caught my attention: Whether or not licensed professional insurance agents interact with MNsure will greatly affect whether MNsure succeeds in selling commercial health insurance. MNsure must attract and retain commercial insurance customers to pay its overhead expenses beginning in 2015. […]

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