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TEA Party Nation losing credibility

The TEA Party Nation’s endorsement of Julianne Ortman just shrinks TPN’s credibility. Here’s why: She is running and has racked up an impressive series of endorsements. She has been endorsed by our friends at Tea Party Express, the Conservative Campaign Committee, Citizens United and most recently she was endorsed by Sarah Palin. She is pro-life, […]

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Ortman’s latest Obamacare spin

Last night, John Gilmore made a feeble attempt to defend Sen. Ortman’s indefensible position of not favoring full repeal of Obamacare. Here’s the text of Gilmore’s tweet: Julianne Ortman very strong on full repeal of Obamacare. Gary Gross hardest hit. If Mr. Gilmore wants to destroy his credility, that’s his right. It isn’t his right, […]

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When Julianne Ortman went rogue

A loyal reader of LFR sent me the text of an article in the Legal Ledger about what happened after Sen. Julianne Ortman proposed raising taxes in 2011. Here’s the key part of the article: The letter comes after a few days’ worth of news reports and speculation about some willingness to raise taxes within […]

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Dorholt parrots DFL’s spin

It was quite a downer when Zach Dorholt defeated King Banaian, especially from a policy standpoint. We traded a respected economist for a politician with no particular policy skills. Apparently, though, Dorholt is a skilled spinmeister: Tax Cuts for Minnesotans The House got an early start this year by passing a repeal bill to end […]

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News article reads like DFL press release

This news article could’ve been written by Denise Cardinal or Carrie Lucking: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a $616 million tax cut plan for the state on Friday, and this is one measure that can truly be described as “bi-partisan.” Lawmakers tell us that the bill was in the works for a short while as […]

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The DFL’s Rainy Day rip-off

Last week, the DFL Senate’s spin about passing ‘tax relief’ was that the DFL added money to Minnesota’s Rainy Day Fund while providing tax relief to the people: Nearly every Republican joined most DFLers in backing it, but GOP members criticized the majority for a provision in the bill that adds $150 million to state […]

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