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Dorholt delivers?

According to this ad by the House DFL Caucus, Zach Dorholt is “delivering for St. Cloud and the middle class”: That’s a nice-sounding chanting point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything to do with reality. Job creation has stagnated. Revenues are falling short of projections. Most importantly, Dorholt voted for spending $90,000,000 on an office building […]

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ABM won’t stop lying

This video is just another example of how Education Minnesota and the Alliance for a Better Minnesota can’t resist lying about Republicans: The “cutting education to pay for tax breaks for big corporations” storyline was used against Tom Emmer in 2010. Back then, KTSP and rated that ad as false. That’s because they’re polite. […]

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Dayton: let’s raise taxes again

According to Patrick Condon’s article, Gov. Dayton stopped short of officially announcing more tax increases. Instead, he said that the Legacy Amendment might be an option he’d consider to pay for Minnesota’s transportation needs: The governor cited the 2008 Legacy Amendment, for which voters willingly approved a statewide sales tax increase to pay for spending […]

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Exploding the Dayton-DFL myths

This AP article lists early the type of messaging we’ll hear from Gov. Dayton and the DFL: For Democrats, back-to-school week brings a chance to brag about the launch of statewide all-day kindergarten where parents aren’t hit with fees or school districts don’t have to absorb costs of the extra classroom time. Over the next […]

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Exposing the DFL myth machine

Yesterday, I wrote this article to highlight ABM’s willingness to publish things that it knows aren’t true. Bill Glahn picked up on that article and wrote this post, which he appropriately titled “Minnesota isn’t working.” Frankly, Bill does a better job of illustrating how terrible the Dayton-DFL economy is. This graphic shows the difference between […]

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Farm Bureau endorses Johnson

Late Monday afternoon, the Johnson for Governor campaign issued this statement: GOLDEN VALLEY—Jeff Johnson received the endorsement of the Minnesota Farm Bureau today, adding to his credentials as a candidate for all of Minnesota. “I am proud to be endorsed by the Farm Bureau,” said Johnson, who was born and raised in Detroit Lakes and […]

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