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Exposing the DFL myth machine

Yesterday, I wrote this article to highlight ABM’s willingness to publish things that it knows aren’t true. Bill Glahn picked up on that article and wrote this post, which he appropriately titled “Minnesota isn’t working.” Frankly, Bill does a better job of illustrating how terrible the Dayton-DFL economy is. This graphic shows the difference between […]

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Farm Bureau endorses Johnson

Late Monday afternoon, the Johnson for Governor campaign issued this statement: GOLDEN VALLEY—Jeff Johnson received the endorsement of the Minnesota Farm Bureau today, adding to his credentials as a candidate for all of Minnesota. “I am proud to be endorsed by the Farm Bureau,” said Johnson, who was born and raised in Detroit Lakes and […]

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Job losses and deficits

Katie Clark-Sieben insists that Minnesota’s jobs outlook remains strong despite the fact that Minnesota lost 4,200 jobs in July: DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben said despite the July job loss the state’s economic outlook is healthy. “July’s employment change appears disappointing, however, this is the smallest percentage decline in jobs for a July since 1999,” […]

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Dorholt’s ‘accomplishments’

Greg Riegstad’s LTE is short because he accepted the task of explaining why Zach Dorholt deserves re-election: Zach Dorholt deserves re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives. After years of gridlock in our state government, this last session made real progress. The Legislature made a real commitment to education, reduced taxes for the middle class, […]

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MNsure’s next disaster

There’s no question that MNsure will be a liability for the DFL this fall. The only question is whether the damage will be disastrous or fatal. This article tips the needle more towards fatal: About 16,000 Minnesotans who applied for Medical Assistance through MNsure are still without health insurance, some caught in limbo for as […]

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Gov. Dayton: Medtronic leaving is a good deal

It’s stunning what Gov. Dayton said about Medtronic moving their headquarters to Ireland: Gov. Mark Dayton sees good news in Medtronic’s $43 billion deal to buy Irish medical device maker, Covidien. “As I look at the project as governor of Minnesota, this is a good deal for the people of our state,” the governor said […]

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