Gov. Dayton’s tax ‘relief’

Anders Koskinen’s article on Gov. Dayton’s tax ‘relief’ bill is enlightening in that it proves that Gov. Dayton still hasn’t learned that sending money to cities and counties doesn’t shrink families’ tax burdens. It just adds to those cities’ and counties’ spending. The key part of Koskinen’s article is where he writes “the proposal ends […]

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DFL’s Dorholt propaganda

Warren Bradbury’s LTE highlights the fact that the DFL thinks voters are stupid. Bradbury said that “There was no stalemate on funding vital transportation programs.” That’s technically true because the DFL legislature totally ignored transportation issues when they controlled the legislature. The DFL ignored transportation issues because they were too busy passing a bill to […]

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Dorholt’s latest mailer

According to Zach Dorholt’s latest mailer, which is actually paid for by Dorholt’s campaign, “Zach shares our priorities.” It isn’t surprising that he’s making this claim. It’s surprising what he thinks are “our priorities.” Listed first on Dorholt’s priorities is that he’ll “invest in our schools in Central Minnesota from pre-K to college and bring […]

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Gov. Dayton’s pocket veto a reality

On Monday, I wrote this post to highlight Paul Thissen’s hypocrisy on a tax bill that got strong overwhelming bipartisan support in the Minnesota legislature. Monday night, Matt Swenson confirmed that Gov. Dayton won’t sign this year’s tax relief bill, saying Dayton “will not sign a tax bill that includes a $101 million error.” That’s […]

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Let’s identify the St. Paul problem

Patrick Condon’s article reads like it was written by Paul Thissen. It opens by saying “Minnesota Republicans, who seized control of the House two years ago on promises to cut taxes and boost road and bridge spending across the state, now could go zero for two on those priorities because of bad blood with DFL […]

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The Times’ dishonesty

The Times’ latest editorial reads more like DFL chanting points than an editorial that required original thought. Even the commenters noticed the Times’ dishonesty. What they noticed is that the Times said “As the final hours of the session ticked away, the House inserted into the omnibus tax bill a measure that gives about $32 […]

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