Dayton’s transportation flip-flop

It isn’t shocking to find out that Gov. Dayton supports another middle class tax increase. When Gov. Dayton first ran for governor, he campaigned on making Minnesota’s’ tax system more progressive. It’s a promise he kept for the first half of his first term, thanks mostly to Republican majorities in the House and Senate. In […]

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Wolgamott visits Ox in the Afternoon

Dan Wolgamott visited with KNSI’s Dan Ochsner Wednesday afternoon. Wolgamott was the DFL-endorsed candidate against Rep. Tama Theis in 2014. Here’s a little historical information on that race. Rep. Theis won that election by 1,300 votes while garnering 55% of the vote. One of the topics discussed during the interview was transportation. Wolgamott lamented the […]

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Dorholt announces 2016 campaign

Zach Dorholt is back for another bite at the apple: Former state Rep. Zachary Dorholt announced Monday he will run for the Minnesota House District 14B seat. Dorholt was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012, but was defeated by Rep. Jim Knoblach by a narrow margin in the 2014 election. The news isn’t […]

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Criticizing Dayton’s UPK solution

AJ Kern’s monthly column highlights shortcomings in Gov. Dayton’s universal pre-K proposal. Here’s one incredible statistic from Gov. Dayton’s own administration: We’ve gone from implementing a scholarship program targeting at-risk 4-year-olds in 2013, universal all-day kindergarten in 2014, to tantrum-level urgency to implement free universal preschool. Yet in 2013, the Minnesota Department of Education reported […]

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DFL deceit, Thissen edition

Rep. Paul Thissen, one of the slipperiest DFL operators in the House of Representatives, is at it again. Thissen’s statement is typical DFL tax cuts for the rich boilerplate: “Speaker Daudt said today that an additional $25 million for our kids was a “line in the sand” he would not cross. It is nearly beyond […]

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Yesterday’s DFL package of lies

Yesterday morning, another DFL LTE lied to the public in the DFL’s attempt to appease Education Minnesota. Here’s Kat Harrison’s LTE, complete with highlighted DFL propaganda: Anyone trying to portray Senate Democrats as opposed to Gov. Mark Dayton is flat out wrong. Majority Leader Tom Bakk, Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben, education chair Sen. Chuck […]

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