Piers Morgan criticizes Hillary?

Saying that this election isn’t like most elections is understatement on steroids. I thought I’d seen everything but I haven’t. Piers Morgan’s op-ed is spot on, which is something that I never thought I’d say. Then again, I didn’t think I’d hear Piers Morgan say “Yet despite this unprecedented bombardment of mainstream abuse, Trump’s poll […]

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BLM and The End of PC: Bill Whittle Saturday

We haven’t had much Bill Whittle recently, so let’s have a couple for Saturday. First, how Black Lives Matters kills people. And it’s going to get nothing but worse as the craven administrations of our cities force more and more police departments to ‘Go Fetal’. Anybody who thinks these people give a damn about blacks, or […]

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Saturday Stuff

A couple for you today, just because. Pretty picky, I’d say, but then so am I, I suppose Qualifications for A Georgian Wife or Husband https://t.co/knekIfkD7m#18thc#marriagepic.twitter.com/Tqx6FrSUv4 — Geri Walton (@18thCand19thC) August 7, 2016 For a Wife… Great good nature, and a prudent generosity, A lively look, a proper spirit, and a cheerful disposition A good […]

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Political correctness run amok

This article highlights what’s wrong with the PC movement. It highlights what’s frightening about the tactics the PC Police use in silencing people. First, let’s highlight how this episode of political correctness started. According to the article, “In Hood River, Oregon, the Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church is taking on Islamic ideology through their church’s […]

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Orlando: a matter of perspective

This weekend has been a banner weekend for progressive stupidity. I wrote this article to highlight E-Democracy’s anti-Christian bigotry. This morning, E-Democracy was upping the ante, saying in this tweet “Franklin Graham to bring program of hate to State Capital next Thursday. Later this morning, E-Democracy posted this tweet, saying “The Tampa LGBT Murders: http://bit.ly/1YkK75B” […]

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Politically correct Stanford University bans Western Civilization

You probably heard about the vote by students at Stanford University a couple of weeks ago, but similar event occurs nearly every day on some college campus near you. Political correctness is alive and flourishing on the majority of campuses, and…

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