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A couple for you today, just because. Pretty picky, I’d say, but then so am I, I suppose Qualifications for A Georgian Wife or Husband https://t.co/knekIfkD7m#18thc#marriagepic.twitter.com/Tqx6FrSUv4 — Geri Walton (@18thCand19thC) August 7, 2016 For a Wife… Great good nature, and a prudent generosity, A lively look, a proper spirit, and a cheerful disposition A good […]

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Political correctness run amok

This article highlights what’s wrong with the PC movement. It highlights what’s frightening about the tactics the PC Police use in silencing people. First, let’s highlight how this episode of political correctness started. According to the article, “In Hood River, Oregon, the Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church is taking on Islamic ideology through their church’s […]

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Orlando: a matter of perspective

This weekend has been a banner weekend for progressive stupidity. I wrote this article to highlight E-Democracy’s anti-Christian bigotry. This morning, E-Democracy was upping the ante, saying in this tweet “Franklin Graham to bring program of hate to State Capital next Thursday. Later this morning, E-Democracy posted this tweet, saying “The Tampa LGBT Murders: http://bit.ly/1YkK75B” […]

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Politically correct Stanford University bans Western Civilization

You probably heard about the vote by students at Stanford University a couple of weeks ago, but similar event occurs nearly every day on some college campus near you. Political correctness is alive and flourishing on the majority of campuses, and…

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Liberals ban the word Christmas in the name of tolerance

At this time of the year, we are often reminded about the never-ending assault on the Christian faith by the liberal left. It intensifies in December because it is the time of year that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus…

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Political Correctness Will Lead To Our Society’s Demise!

Today, in the new world of America, our culture has become one that demands political correctness be the law of the land!

This demand originates at, and then filters down from, the White House!

An horrific example?

In the San Bernardino terror attack inspired by Islamic extremism* the massacre itself and the senseless loss of life along with the fact that ISIS is now officially on our shores are horrific!

The fact that our Commander-in-Chief, for reasons known only to him and his confidants, has his head up his proverbial a– when it comes to ISIS, Islamic extremism and national security is also horrific!

But one of the biggest stories out of the San Bernardino massacre is the one that is being ignored or buried on some newspapers Page 10 and barely mentioned by our ‘friends’ in the mainstream media (the same people who brought us 8-years of Barack Obama by not vetting, ignoring and/or barely mentioning anything about his past during either one of his campaigns)!

First a few basic examples of political correctness altering the fabric of our society!

  • Christmas as a word and as a celebration are out. The word holiday is in so as not to offend anyone,
  • Students wearing ‘offensive’ clothing such as anything to do with America, may be deemed as being insensitive to those around them, and sent home,
  • Speakers on college campuses seen by the authorities in charge as being offensive will at times lose their opportunity to speak,
  • The mere expressing of ones opinion on a ‘controversial’ subject matter has become grounds for losing a job (i.e. Curt Schilling),
  • One protestor or small group of protestors stating that some symbol or object being utilized is ‘degrading and racist’ forces or tries to force its removal from the lexicon of society (i.e. Washington Redskins),
  • The attempt by some to shut-down or mute any public outcry concerning a position that they do not agree with (i.e. support of the 2nd Amendment). This attempt to stifle discussion, in my humble opinion, typically will originate from those on the Left who profess themselves as the kinder and gentler protectors of what is right.
But these examples, as bad and as dangerous as they may be, are child’s play when compared to the political correctness run amok that took place prior to the San Bernardino massacre by Islamic extremists with ties to terrorist organizations*.
An example of PC so egregious that it defies any semblance of rationale thinking in our society where law enforcement urges us to ‘SEE SOMETHING AND SAY SOMETHING‘!
Those are great words but if ordinary citizens, like the one about to be described below, are afraid to actually do so and call the authorities to investigate then the terrorists, with an assist from the PC Police, have won!

Head official of the PC police? One Barack Hussein Obama!

Political Correctness Run Amok in San Bernardino!

Neighbor Didn’t Report Suspicious Activity of San Bernardino Killers For Fear of Being Called Racist

According to a local Los Angeles news report, a neighbor of San Bernardino massacre suspects Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik didn’t report suspicious activity at their apartment for fear of being accused of racism.

This is the same politically correct culture that lead to the Ft. Hood shooting when Nidal Hassan, who had been spouting violent Islamic propaganda to neighbors on post and reaching out to Al Qaeda, was ignored for fear of “Islamaphobia” accusations.‘ (Townhall)
.@KNX1070 reporting a neighbor did not call authorities about suspicious activity bc she did not want to racially profile #SanBernardino

— Will Carr (@WillCarrFNC) December 3, 2015

For the sake of our society, let’s make sure that SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING is alive, well and more than just a phrase and empty platitude!

*Would be deemed politically Incorrect speech by the Left and particularly by the Obama administration that does anything and everything to mislead the American people.

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