Trump’s triumphant speech

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night has been characterized as being scary or dark by Democrats. Mo Elleithee, a former Hillary campaign spokesman, said that this was a dreadful week for the GOP. That’s spin but not very good spin. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s pollster, said that she expects Trump and Hillary to be tied in […]

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Executive Amnesty: Obama’s path to U.N. 2030 Agenda and global socialism

Back in June, the Supreme Court ruled 4-4 in a case filed by the state of Texas against Obama’s pen and phone and his executive amnesty plan. As a result of the tie vote, the Supreme Court upheld the decision…

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Melania rocks Night 1 of RNC

If you didn’t see the first night’s speeches from the Republican National Convention, you missed the coming out party of the Republican Party’s newest rock star. Her name is Melania Trump. To fully appreciate Mrs. Trump’s speech, I think it’s important to first watch it, then read the transcript of Mrs. Trump’s speech. Here’s the […]

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Are Democrats anti-cop, pro-terrorist?

I intentionally gave this post that inflammatory title. Other than a few left fringers that I could count on my fingers, nobody is pro-terrorist. It isn’t difficult to make a case that there are lots of lefties that hate America or that think that they need to apologize for America, with our current president at […]

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Obama’s statement too little

In the aftermath of this morning’s assassinations of 3 Baton Rouge police officers, half-hearted statements from the Commander-in-Chief aren’t enough. What’s required are strong actions that tell the world that assassinating cops won’t be tolerated. Right after Philando Castile, Gov. Dayton opined that Castile might still be alive if he were white. It was an […]

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Columnist: Hillary doesn’t get it

The Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi is one of the most consistently liberal columnists in the nation. That’s her persona. Think of this morning’s column as the literary equivalent of Vennochi taking a wooden spoon to Mrs. Clinton’s political backside. It didn’t take long for Ms. Vennochi to break out the punishment, saying “One man driving […]

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