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The debate over Obamacare is over (snicker)

At his press conference yesterday, President Obama declared that the debate over Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, was over: President Obama is a skilled whopper-teller, probably because he tells so many whoppers. He said that “Republicans said nobody would sign up” even though Republicans never said that people wouldn’t sign up. He said that […]

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Sen. Reid, Democrats, lack character to lead

According to the Hill’s Bob Kusack, Democrats think Sen. Reid is “curmudgeonly.” They like the fact that he says things they wish they could say. That’s proof that Democrats are totally out of touch with America. This article highlights just how evil Sen. Reid and the Democrats are: While many have condemned the strong-arming and […]

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More Obamacare Failure

If Obamacare is a success, as the White House and establishment media would like us to believe, then why is the Obama Administration so anxious to hide the numbers? After all, surely we haven’t set the bar so low that the Administration can claim victory simply because it has coerced and/or bribed a few million […]

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Corrupt crony capitalism

Recently, I’ve written about a corrupt government agency that’s titled the IRRRB, aka the Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board. In this post, I wrote about something that the IRRRB funded: It was a company with direct ties and allegiance to the Democratic Party. After Republican President Richard Nixon’s resignation over the Watergate scandal the […]

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Washington Politics, Why The People are Odd-man Out

Background: Three Regime Models of Socialism In the thinking-the-unthinkable department, which I’ve sometimes asked you to do, I’m sure it’s crossed your mind that a less-than-benign dictatorship could be in America’s future some day. Even Krauthammer hints this may be the case, although he never hints whether he’ll go orRead More

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MnSCU drops student health insurance

According to this email from Corie Beckerman, the director of Student Health Services at St. Cloud State, MnSCU has decided to drop its “domestic student health insurance plan for the 2014-2015 academic year”: To all SCSU Faculty and Staff: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) has decided to no longer offer a domestic student health […]

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