Democrats re-elect a loser

If I got paid $10 for each article I’ve read throughout the years that talked about Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising abilities, I’d be rich. This article mentions it again by saying “Few can match Pelosi as a fundraiser. She is herself the ninth wealthiest member of Congress, a resident of ‘billionaires’ row,’ and is tapped into […]

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20,000,000 Americans, Part II

In Part I, I wrote that Jonathan Gruber was fearmongering by insisting that 20,000,000 Americans would lose their health insurance if the ACA was repealed. Specifically, Dr. Gruber said “Twenty million Americans have gained insurance coverage, and millions more would be covered if recalcitrant states had fully embraced the law rather than resisting out of […]

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Trudeau and Obama use revisionist history to praise Castro

Much to the vexation of Colin Kaepernick, there is one less Communist, murdering dictator in the world today after the death of Fidel Castro over the weekend. This is great news to those who believe in the God-given right to…

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Mapping this election

If pictures are worth 1,000 words each, then this election has given us a ton of words worth pondering. Before getting to the pictures, though, it’s important to establish a foundation for why these pictures happened. Victor Davis Hanson wrote this article, which explains, at least in part, why Hillary was doomed before the start. […]

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President Obama’s state of denial

This NY Times article highlights the fact that liberals haven’t come to grips with the fact that the nation rejected President Obama’s agenda this past Tuesday night. Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor to President Obama, said “It was not a rejection of Obama or Obama-ism. It was probably more about the two candidates running in […]

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Kellyanne Conway becomes First Woman to Win Presidency!

Eventually, I’ll have something more to say about the election but, I simply didn’t believe Trump had much chance, and so I didn’t have my thoughts ordered. In fact, 2012 rather demoralized me, more than I knew, and nothing since has lifted that gloom. Your mileage may differ, but I bet I’m not alone. Meantime, […]

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