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November 20, 2014 – The day the Constitution died

November 20, 2014 – the day the Constitution died. As a result of Obama’s Hitleresque Executive Order giving millions of Democrat voters—a.k.a. illegal immigrants—a free ride to citizenship via his promise not to prosecute them for breaking the law, the Constitution was essentially shot and killed today. And nobody tried to save her. Yeah, we were gullible enough to actually believe Republicans meant it when they said they would stop Obama’s unconstitutional agenda if we would just put them in charge. Yet, even before today’s assassination—but after they stole our vote on November 4th—the so-called leaders of the new Congress, along with GOP presidential hopefuls, went on record to say that they won’t use their Constitutional authority to stop him. Oh, they’ll stomp their feet like a petulant child, just like they have with every other unconstitutional action Obama has taken. They’ll tell you how they are weighing every option as they complain about how the President doesn’t play by the rules. They’ll talk about how the policy is simply bad politics, and they’ll use unflattering terms like “poisoning the well” and “it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull“—an interesting choice of words, but maybe appropriate. When you consider the bullsh*t being dished […]

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You know what? Maybe the American people are too stupid to understand! (Video)

Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List!The two-minute video in this article will show the deceptions, outright lies and misdirection plays along with the Gruber truth, that went into crafting Obamacare!But that is…

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2016 Race for the White House – Conservatives need not apply

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke to the Republican’s newest member of Congress, encouraging them to embrace compromise and common ground when they convene for business in January. While specifically avoiding the immigration issue, particularly Obama’s threat to issue an Executive Order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, he alluded to those in attendance that shutting the government down over the issue was not a good idea. He reinforced this position today in a meeting with GOP governors. When asked in a FOX News interview about Obama’s inevitable Executive Order, Senator Rob Portman—sounding an awful lot like Harry Reid—called for the new GOP majority to “disarm and work together.” On the Sunday talk shows, Mitt Romney also chimed in on the topic of Obama’s threat, saying that the GOP shouldn’t push the issue to the point of a government shutdown. And even T.E.A. Party favorite Bobby Jindal has officially come down on the side of compromise if Obama once again snubs his nose at the Constitution. Now, what do these individuals have in common? They are all considered GOP frontrunners for the White House in 2016. And why does it sound like they are all singing out of […]

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A fake solution to a fake problem from a fake president

Barack Obama: the savior of the world . . . oh, I’m sorry. I was reading from the MSNBC script. Let’s start again. The self-proclaimed savior of the environment—remember when he promised to stop the rising ocean levels?—announced a worthless agreement with China to fight global warming. Worthless, because it does nothing to actually stop global warming. It will, however, provide cover for the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as it prepares to take some of the most extreme steps to shut down power plants with new rules on ozone, cross-state air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Not content with this so-called achievement, the campaigner-in-chief took his Brother Love Global Salvation Show on the road, making his next stop at the G-20 Summit, where Barry strong-armed the issue on to the agenda over pesky economic issues like creating jobs and strengthening the global economy. The Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL). Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The resurgence of a Cold War Russia. China’s human rights violations. With this myriad of foreign policy challenges, the only success Obama can claim from this trip is his declaration of war against global warming, or climate change, whatever they are calling this scam these days. The truth is that the planet […]

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Hey, Corey Gardner! It’s “shakin’ time!”

The rumor around Washington is that Obama is expected to soon announce his unconstitutional immigration plan, so the question to ask ourselves is: how will the Republicans respond? Well, they won’t use the power of the purse—I wrote about this in a previous article—at least that’s the word from Senator-elect Corey Gardner. When asked about using budget reconciliation manuevers to bypass possible filibusters by Democrats on key Obama policies such as the immigration situation, Gardner expressed his reluctance to do pursue such action due to the possibility of a government shutdown. By the way, Mitch McConnell promised to use this exact tactic if America gave him a Republican majority. Of course, that was before the election. The capitulating Senate Majority Leader is now on record that he is no longer interested in using the budget to stop Obama’s illegal decrees. No big surprise really. After all, he is a member of the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame. You don’t earn that honor because you keep your promises. While House Republicans say every option—including a government shutdown—is on the table to counter Obama’s planed executive action on immigration, Gardner is following McConnell’s lead by declaring that a “mature governing body” shouldn’t even consider such […]

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Progressives’ ACA hallucinations

Talking Points Memo’s article shows that they’re either hallucinating or they’re thinking words don’t have meanings. They’re talking about possibilities about how to skirt the Supreme Court’s ruling should they rule against the administration: The specter of the Supreme Court gutting Obamacare and putting health coverage for millions of people at risk is back in […]

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