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Petit Tyrants

#FireReid started here

I wrote this post to highlight Democratic senators’ biggest problem is Harry Reid, not President Obama. When I found out this morning that the RNC is starting a #FireReid campaign on social media, I got excited. This indicates that they’re aware that Sen.Reid is toxic. This article gives us some details into the RNC’s campaign: A […]

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Sloppy assumptions, bad laws

The whining on the left hasn’t stopped since the DC Circuit Court’s ruling on Halbig v. Burwell. This article is a perfect example of the Left’s whining: The Affordable Care Act was designed to offer premium tax credits (subsidies) to people to purchase private health insurance on government-run exchanges — at least those earning up […]

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Obama’s pacifism has cost lives

It would be wrong to blame the killing of 298 passengers on MH17 on President Obama. That blame should be firmly fixed on the Russian terrorists and the Russian military personnel who fired the surface-to-air missiles. This article, though, shows that President Obama could’ve done something that would’ve prevented that terrorist attack: As the United […]

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Crisis management – Obama style

Crisis looms throughout the world – in the Middle East, Ukraine, and even at our own southern border. Yet, despite all of this, our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president seems ill-equipped at best or totally disinterested and disengaged at worst.

Let’s …

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Halbig v. Burwell winners

Brian Beutler’s article attempts to make the case that Republicans might ultimately lose if the Supreme Court upholds today’s ruling: An adverse Supreme Court ruling would throw the ACA into chaos in three dozen states, including huge states like Florida and Texas. The vast majority of beneficiaries in those states would be suddenly unable to […]

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Enough with the optics talk

If I hear another pundit talk about the bad optics hurting President Obama while Israel kills terrorists and people are murdered by Russian-trained military terrorists or while south-of-the-border cartels ignore the Tex-Mex border, I’ll scream. This isn’t about the optics of going on one fundraising junket after another. This isn’t about whether President Obama can […]

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