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Majority favors limiting Fifth Amendment and killing Americans

The attack on the Constitution by every branch of government on every level — federal, state, and local — is troubling to say the least. But even more troubling is a recent upward trend indicating a willingness by many Americans to surrender their constitutional rights to government under the misguided notion that doing so will make their world a safer place. In January I wrote about a Washington Post – ABC News poll that showed how 63% of Americans were willing to give up their personal privacy rights in order to help battle terrorism. In February I wrote about a Rasmussen poll that indicated a growing belief that the president should have the right to ignore the courts if they stand in the way of actions he feels are important to the country. Now comes word of a new poll by the Associated Press showing that nearly 75% of Americans are OK with using unmanned aerial drone strikes to kill an American citizen abroad if that person has joined a terror organization. In addition, it showed that 6 in 10 supports the use of drones to target terrorists in general. While this may sound reasonable, it raises several problems for […]

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Gay Mafia whacks another victim

Following the uproar over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that passed in Indiana—and was subsequently retracted—I wrote a piece about a group that Bill Maher once referred to as the “Gay Mafia.” In that piece, we learned about the hit man tactics used by homosexual-extremists to snuff-out anyone who opposed their radical agenda, especially when that objection was based on religious freedom. A few days later, I wrote another piece about how the bullying tactics used by the Gay Mafia had successfully intimidated Republican governors across America from passing that law in their states. Well, it looks like the Gay Mafia has chalked up another victim. In the wake of an excessively punitive judgement, former bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein were ordered by a judge to pay $135,000 in fines to a lesbian couple because the Kleins refused to bake a wedding cake for the homosexual couple due to their personal religious beliefs. Following the news of the ruling, supporters of the Klein family set up a GoFundMe page to help them pay the fine, and within eight hours, the campaign reached over $100,000. But then, suddenly and without notice, the account was closed. In a statement regarding their decision […]

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Assault on Christianity in public schools spreading

Two news stories from last week provide evidence of the assault on Christianity and the anti-Christian indoctrination taking place in America’s public schools. First, the Duncan Public School district in Oklahoma has committed itself to a total prohibition of Bible distribution to students, after an atheist organization called the “American Humanist Association” threatened them with legal action for what it called “unconstitutional Bible distribution.” They made the threat after learning that a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary was handing out free Gideon Bibles. According to the third-grade teacher, Erica Mackey, she offered copies of the New Testament to anyone who wanted one. Ane while nearly all of the students accepted the offer, the AHA contends that one child felt “peer-pressured and coerced” to follow his classmates and take one. After receiving the threat via email, lawyers for the administrators cowards at the school district responded by sending a letter to the AHA assuring the anti-Christian radicals that the practice would stop. There are those who feel that the Woodrow Wilson Elementary teacher did nothing wrong—including parents and local residents—but that really isn’t the issue. For the intolerant who demand tolerance, this situation and others like it have nothing to do […]

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Jared Polis wants to outlaw “so-called” religious freedom

After radical homosexuals succeeded in using mafia-styled intimidation tactics against the Republican cowards in Indiana following passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, forcing them to reverse the law while providing special rights for homosexuals, the gay mob kicked the machine into overdrive. And, just like a true organized crime family, the gay mafia have a few politicians in their back pockets doing their bidding. In a new move intended to provide special rights for homosexuals while denying constitutional rights for anyone who disagrees with them, Jared Polis (D-CO) has joined in leading a push to pass a Federal LGBT Resolution Opposing Discrimination in opposition to “so-called” religious freedom. An idea that clearly violates the 1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…. Joined by Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the proposal wold force Christians to provide their services for homosexual events, even if it violates their faith. Carson said it’s “long past time” for Congress to set in stone bans on such decisions based on religion. He asserted “all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity,” need to know they are “valued members of our society.” He concludes with a bit of irony, […]

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Gay Mafia II: The Sequel

Just like the Godfather movie franchise, the Gay Mafia will have a sequel or two, as we see today in Gay Mafia II. Following the successful bullying of the spineless RINOs in Indiana, the Gay Mafia is making an impact on the GOP—which really does stand for Gutless On Principles—across the country. After witnessing the mafia-styled thuggery unleashed on lawmakers in Indiana when they passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, at least three RINO governors—North Dakota, Michigan, and Arkansas—made the decision to pay the homosexual extortionists instead of defending the First Amendment. The message to their fellow lawmakers was loud and clear: We need more laws protecting homosexuals. In North Dakota, the legislature recently voted against a bill that added protection for “gays” in housing and employment. This move angered Gov. Jack Dalrymple, who issued a terse memo to the legislature: “Discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation is not acceptable,” Gov. Jack Dalrymple said in a statement issued after the North Dakota Legislature killed the proposal. Governor Rick Snyder issued a warning to Michigan lawmakers, letting them know in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t accept any type of religious freedom bill that fails to include specific special protections for homosexuals. Citing […]

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Gay Mafia whacks religious freedom in Indiana

After radical left-wing homosexual activists forced the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich a year ago, liberal atheist Bill Maher of the HBO television program Real Time With Bill Maher, said that he believes in the existence and power of what he called the “gay mafia.” “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked. I really do.” In the days since the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, it would appear that Maher is on to something, as we see in this example from one of the largest pro-homosexual groups in the Rocky Mountain region in response to the furor that followed the RFRA’s passage. In a piece from Conservative Colorado:  Today, in a stunning statement, Jeran Artery, Chairman of Wyoming Equality posted on his Facebook page that churches who do not support same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status. “Churches that lobby to have freedoms and rights taken away from ANYONE should absolutely have their 501(c)3 status revoked!!” I guess tolerance isn’t a character trait you find when dealing with a mafia organization, even though that’s exactly what they are demanding for themselves. I think Michael Corleone sums them up pretty well: But this is […]

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