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The US Economy: Trick or Treat?

Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List! 17 statistics about the current state of the US economy and Americans in general you are likely not aware of!Read at LI here. AdvertisementObama Toi…

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Dayton isn’t interested in honesty

The thing that stood out during Tom Hauser’s interview with Gov. Dayton was Gov. Dayton’s insistence that some official government reports were totally accurate while other official government reports were rubbish. For instance, Gov. Dayton insisted that health insurance prices were going up a paltry 4.5%, a statistic that’s been frequently discredited. Here’s what I […]

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Texas Is Booming…but CNN Doesn’t Want You to Know Why

Much of my writing is focused on the real-world impact of government policy, and this is why I repeatedly look at the relative economic performance of big government jurisdictions and small government jurisdictions. But I don’t just highlight differences between nations. Yes, it’s educational to look at North Korea vs. South Korea or Chile vs. […]

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Where’s Minnesota’s booming economy?

I’ve written several posts highlighting the fact that the DFL won’t stop yapping about Minnesota’s supposedly great economy. See here, here and here. Though this article won’t prevent the DFL’s spinmeisters from telling everyone within earshot that Minnesota’s economy is fantastic, it gives me this chart to prove the DFL spinmeisters wrong: The key statistic […]

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Testing Reality Check’s statements

After reading Pat Kessler’s Reality Check article, I thought a test of Reality Check’s statements were in order. Let’s start here: “A few years ago, things in Minnesota weren’t going very well,” says the narrator, a thick-Minnesota accented hockey player. “So we got a new coach.” In fact, Gov. Dayton won re-election after Republican Gov. […]

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MNsure: Dayton’s competency test

When it was first launched, Democrats praised MNsure, Gov. Dayton’s health insurance exchange. If Democrats are smart, which is still open to debate, Democrats should run from the issue. A pair of stories, this story from CBS and this story from KSTP, show that MNsure is a disaster: More than 3,700 people in Minnesota are […]

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