Election Day Dreamin’

Election day dreaming or election day nightmare, take your choice. In this Tales exclusive, you are in for a treat, or maybe as the fetching Mrs. B would say, in for torturous hell, with this singing video.  the California Dreamin’ Mamas and the P…

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If there is one bit of constructive criticism I could give to one of Donald Trump’s spokesperson’s, Katrina Pierson, it is to please learn what the word literal means.  Now, she is not the first person to misuse this word and surely won’t be the l…

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Amusing Anti-Libertarian Humor

The presidential contest between Clinton and Trump (can we shorten that to “Clump”?) is so depressing that it’s time to distract ourselves with some libertarian humor. And I’m even willing so share such humor when libertarians are the target of mockery. Cartoons on libertarian ice fishing and libertarian lifeguards. A mosaic showing 24 types of libertarians. A poster showing […]

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The Man Who … Tells It Like It Is?

Well once again, with his [the Donald’s] second amendment comment, we have the man who most of his supporters say what they like about him is he that “he means what he says and he says what he means”, making the excuse for his stupid comment by saying …

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Isn’t Binary Choice The Wrong Term?

In this election I have been told over and over and over again that I have a binary choice, so I must vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.  But I obviously have more than a binary choice as I could vote for a third party …

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What Really Happened To Hillary’s Missing E-Mails

Hat/Tip:  My older brother Sandy sent this hilarious video of the “German version of the Clinton missing E-Mails”.  And video on You Tube via Tim Donovan You Tube site. “You mean with a cloth?”

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