Why Uber Keeps Raising Billions

This is interesting, and a chase of pace. Apparently Uber is sitting on a pile of cash and borrowing more. I don’t know enough here to even have an opinion, but it tends to fascinate me. Here, read the whole thing.™: It feels like almost every other week there is a new headline about Uber […]

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Why the Roman empire worked – and the EU empire doesn’t

I found this very interesting: The principle of countries working harmoniously together is wholly admirable. Why, then, has the European Union become such a disaster area? The success of the Roman empire may offer a clue. Romans won that empire almost entirely by military might. But they could not have maintained it that way: for some […]

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Is Personal Responsibility Obsolete?

Over the last few days, Thomas Sowell has published a two-part series on Is Personal Responsibility Obsolete. As would be expected it is very good. It starts like this. Among the many disturbing signs of our times are conservatives and libertarians of high intelligence and high principles who are advocating government programs that relieve people […]

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Mike Rowe “Don’t follow your Passion, Live it”

Embed from Getty Images There are only a few guys or girls that you see on TV that I really like. Leading that group is Mike Rowe. Why? because he tells us all the common sense things that many of us know. But there is a difference when I say it or Mike does. I […]

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How The West Got Healthy And Prosperous

An excellent article here, and he outlines very well why so many of seeing Global warming, Global cooling, Climate change, especially the Anthropomorphic thesis, and not only unproven science but as a modern manifestation of Luddism bordering onto a quasi-religion. Yes, it’s that bad, and yes, the reason you had breakfast this morning is energy, and […]

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Stop Doing Low-Value Work

This is from the Harvard Business Review, and it’s very true. I’m a small business guy, which means I’m a generalist, it also means that as much as possible, I lean on technology to take care of all the details, it works surprisingly well. Here’s some from Priscilla Claman’s article. In the past, time management experts […]

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