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Progressive Authoritarianism

This is quite interesting, and a fair read of where our society/government is trying to go, and why. It also goes into some detail as to why if we are wise, we probably don’t want to go there. By Joel Kotkin writing in The Orange County Register. Left-leaning authors often maintain that conservatives “hate democracy,” […]

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Around the Web This Week

Sort of a compendium of odds and ends today, without a lot of commentary from me. My dearest friend, partner and editor here, Jessica, is celebrating the third anniversary of her blog today, although she is only present in spirit, because of her health problems. My post about it is here. The Federalist had a […]

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Obamacare study confirms Obama’s economic failures

A few days ago, I shared how Obama likes to massage data to make it look like his economic policies are working. Unemployment rate goes down? It’s not because people are finding jobs. Instead, it’s because their unemployment benefits have run out or they have become so discouraged from not finding a job that they have abandoned looking for a job. Meanwhile, food stamp usage has climbed to record highs because those same people are forced to rely on government handouts in order to eat and survive. Now we learn from a new study that Obamacare is supplying another piece of the Obamanomics puzzle that prove how the administration is manipulating data to hide his failure. According to the study by Families USA, one in four people who bought health insurance on their own couldn’t afford needed care — despite data that shows how Obamacare reduced the ranks of the uninsured. “Simply having health insurance is no guarantee that consumers can afford to pay for health care,” the study says. “Health insurance involves different types of costs that consumers must pay out-of-pocket — ranging from a health plan’s deductible to copayments at a doctor’s office. These expenses add up, and […]

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DFL campaign of lies continues

I’ll cut straight to the chase. Nan Madden’s op-ed in the St. Cloud Times is disgustingly dishonest. Check this lie out: Large tax cuts passed at the end of the 1990s and 2000s proved to be unsustainable, and were followed by deep cuts in higher education, affordable child care and other services. That’s total BS. […]

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Obamanomics: Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Part II

A few months ago I wrote a piece called, “Bureau of Labor Statistics: Lies, damned lies, and statistics” where I documented the realities hidden in some of Obama’s economic policies. Unfortunately, recent news on the economy called for a sequel to be written. According to the talking heads at the White House, and the state-controlled media that rubber-stamps all things Obama, the U.S. economy is well on the way to recovery despite facts proving the opposite: Last week, we were told how unemployment had dropped to 5.4 percent, which makes it the lowest rate since May, 2008. An interesting statistic, since the number of Americans not in the labor force climbed to a near record level of 93,194,000. The Labor Force Participation Rate (the percent of people 16 years old and older who are eligible to work) held steady at 62.8 percent. As of January 2015, the number of Americans receiving food stamps had topped 46,000,000 for forty-one straight months. That means that 14.5 percent of the American population received food stamps every month for over three years, going back to September 2011. During the Great Depression, long bread lines of hungry people waiting for hours to get a meal […]

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Hillary’s Rent-a-President candidacy

If anything is clear, it’s that Hillary Clinton’s policies can be purchased. Russia wants to buy American uranium. Not a problem. Hire Bill to give a speech and I’ll approve the purchase. The Saudis wanted Hillary to ignore their treatment of women. Not a problem. Contribute $25,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation and I’ll develop a […]

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