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The Texas Grocery Store that Helped Push the Evil Empire on to the Ash Heap of History | International Liberty

Heh! Yep, that’s how it always went. The Houston Chronicle dug into its archives to produce a story about an incident that may have played a big role in history. It’s about a senior communist functionary who was exposed to a slice of capitalism. […] Yeltsin visited mission control and a mock-up of a space […]

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Elections Have Consequenses

Keep that in mind if you live in New England this winter. While you’re freezing in the dark because of high energy prices, the rest of us are enjoying some of the lowest prices in a generation, Why? Quite simply because we like fracking, and gas pipelines, and you don’t. From the Wall Street Journal. […]

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Wasted away again in Obamaville

It’s time for all Americans to come face-to-face with a truth that all but the woefully ignorant and the intentionally ignorant are, at least to some degree, aware of. The United States of America has become “Barack’s World”, and the rest of us are just living in it. The President of the United States is about one thing and one thing only – bringing about the kind of “change(s)” HE feels this nation needs. And if you, I, the Tea Partiers, the Democrats, the Israelis, opinion polls, the Supreme Court or anybody else doesn’t like it… tough! Sadly, in 2008 when he ran on the campaign slogan of “Hope and Change” far too many Americans never asked the obvious questions; what do we need to change, why do we need to change it, and what do we change to? You can’t just “change.” Change implies becoming something else – what do we need to become? Many, seeing the opportunity to make history, never asked these questions let alone worried about the answers. We’re now finding out. This President is motivated not by a desire to represent the people but by ideology and a drive to remake America into something more […]

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Trump’s whining increases

Allahpundit’s post about Donald Trump is essentially a report on Mr. Trump’s latest whining after getting hit with negative publicity. According to the headline of AP’s article, Trump’s attorney will sue the Club for Growth if they don’t immediately stop running a negative ad about Mr. Trump’s liberal positions. According to AP’s post, Alan Garten, […]

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Countering Schumer’s budget spin

Greg Sargent’s post highlights how the Democrats will attempt to use Donald Trump’s and Jeb Bush’s words against Republicans during the upcoming budget fight. Republicans should reject the Democrats’ proposal outright. Then they should launch a counteroffensive to hit them at their weakest points. At this point, most readers of LFR are probably laughing, saying […]

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Is capitalism really better than socialism or communism?

Socialism/communism represents the height of human arrogance. There are some things that are simply unknowable and socialism relies upon the assumption that man is capable of managing that which he is not. Socialists believe that select individuals are more knowledgeable and capable than the ever present yet invisible economic forces of free-market capitalism. cap•i•tal•ism – noun : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Quick — how many eggs were necessary to meet the demand for them in New York today? No one knows. Nor does anyone know how many will be needed tomorrow. Capitalism works because no one is in charge. Today in New York there was the exact right amount of bottled water for sale, the correct number of televisions, no one who wanted a CocaCola, Baby Ruth bar or cup of coffee today was forced to go without (assuming they could afford it). There were enough tires, the correct amount of roast beef and anything else you can image. Same was true in Miami, Fargo, […]

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