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Petit Tyrants

EU Preps for War Against the Internet: Decides to Lose Again

Well, this is interesting, although not very surprising, really. Does anybody really think that Europe (especially Germany and France) can compete with the US on a level playing field? No, me neither. The UK, maybe, but nobody else has a chance, and if good sense ever breaks out in the ruling clique in Britain (or […]

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The Left’s Burning Cities

I suppose it’s time to say something about Baltimore, not that I have anything overly pertinent to add. I have noticed though (as has David French, in the linked article) that what is going on is really nothing more than two of the Democratic Party’s prized identity political groups: public employee unions, and welfare recipients, […]

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Customer Service?

It seems that the railroad in Britain going up to Norwich had a bad day yesterday, and as happens so often these day, they inconvenienced somebody who mentioned it on Twitter, and she happens to be friend of mine. To be honest, one can find these everyday, about nearly every corporations, and normally I consider […]

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Cui Bono

Cui bono is one of those phrases that indicates a skeptical man (or woman). You’d probably not be surprised that it is one of my favorite phrases. Why? because so very often people want us to do things that are (usually obviously) against our rational self-interest, and always, I wonder why. Do they have a […]

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Interest Rates: Is the Fed behind the eight ball?

Has the Fed already waited too long to raise interest rates or is it behind the eight ball and basically unable to do so now or any time soon?Read more in an article at LI here.Photo Advertisement 

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What matters in 2016

You’ll want to read Scott Rasmussen’s article if you want to what’s driving the 2016 election. I’ll highlight here a couple things that Mr. Rasmussen things are important: It’s all about personal finances—Some believe it’s about the economy, which is a close substitute. But what really matters is how people feel about their own personal […]

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