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Petit Tyrants

When Dayton’s priorities changed

This article is rather enlightening: “I learned some important lessons from him. First of all, the importance of a job to someone who doesn’t have one. My job as governor is to do everything I can to provide jobs for the people of Minnesota, those who are unemployed, those who are underemployed, to those who […]

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Capitalism and Public Words

I ran across a couple of TED talks yesterday that I want to share with you. Like you, I tend to find bias in most of them, or at least a different bias than mine. :-) But these are very good. First is The Killer Apps of Prosperity Makes all the sense in the world […]

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DFL, Nolan, Franken hate employers

Watching all the ads being run by Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, the Franken campaign, the Nolan campaign and all the anti-business rhetoric coming from the Dayton campaign, DFL chairman Ken Martin and other anti-business parasites, there’s only one conclusion you can draw. The DFL and its candidates hate employers. Joe Soucheray’s column highlights the DFL’s silliness […]

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Dayton isn’t interested in honesty

The thing that stood out during Tom Hauser’s interview with Gov. Dayton was Gov. Dayton’s insistence that some official government reports were totally accurate while other official government reports were rubbish. For instance, Gov. Dayton insisted that health insurance prices were going up a paltry 4.5%, a statistic that’s been frequently discredited. Here’s what I […]

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Desperate attack vs. the truth hurts

Jeff Johnson’s latest ad is causing quite a stir: Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson released a new television ad today that questions the competence of DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. Johnson’s ad is titled “Unaware.” The narrator contends that Dayton was unaware of bonuses paid to “failed Obamacare bureaucrats,” the contents of bills he signed and […]

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Dorholt’s partisanship

Zach Dorholt’s been running a campaign touting how he’s a great listener, that he’s responsive to the needs of his constituents. Jim Knoblach’s last mailer ends that myth. According to the Minnesota House Journal, Dorholt voted with the DFL leadership 470 times out of 470 final votes on legislation. You don’t get more partisan than […]

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