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The Socialist Dream Will Never Die

Steven Hayward over at Powerline recently wrote something very interesting. Not long ago I was listening to one of Russ Roberts’s archived “EconTalk” podcasts with the great Thomas Sowell (and if you don’t listen to EconTalk you’re missing one of the top podcast artists of our time—subscribe for free here), and was completely stunned by […]

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The Banking Oligarchs

Can anyone stop the overweening lunacy of the banking oligarchs? No more than anyone can stop pythons from devouring rabbits at play. Our bankers are not honorable. They are not farsighted. And they have set in motion forces that no human effort can avert. Moreover they long ago formed a deathly co-op with history’s most deplorable criminal element – the state. This has given them a free pass to indulge in ugly asset corpulence and hideous irresponsibility. It has hidden the true state of their criminality from realization by good men and women. The banking oligarchs and the power they have over us today are the result of a long train of poisonous ideas descending upon the American republic over the past 120 years. It began with the coming of socialism to Europe and its Fabian migration to America at the turn of the century. Capitalism, the Fabians preached, is the root of all evil with its insistence on gold as money. Its freedom is no longer possible in the modern world. It brings to mankind uncontrollable booms and busts and horrific poverty. There is no cure for capitalism. It must be burnt at the stake of its egregious altar […]

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Obama Wasn’t Kidding About Spiking Your Electricity Bill

You know, it is hard to know what to think about these folks. I’d like to believe they are simply misguided, and truly care about the environment. But it becomes increasingly clear that if they do, they care about absolutely nothing else, including if our citizens have a chance at a job, or simply starve […]

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Find and Repair a 230kV 800Amp Oil-Filled Power Cable Fault

Have you ever wondered what guys like I do, when we’re not telling you that you need to do some completely unaffordable thing to keep your house wiring safe? We’re telling the utilities the same thing. I ran across this the other day, talking about fixing an underground cable from a powerplant in California. It […]

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Widespread touchscreen ordering to come to NYC fast food restaurants by next year?

This cannot be said enough: The Actual Minimum Wage is $0.00! Why? Because that’s what you earn when you do not have a job, or business (with customers, I suppose) The Wall Street Journal reports that, on Wednesday, as predicted, the panel convened by Governor Cuomo to study fast-food wages will formally recommend paying workers […]

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What is America?

It’s late and getting later. Enjoy, but more to the point, Learn and employ!

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