Highlighting the Senate DFL’s priorities

Ann Rest’s amendment has sparked a great controversy at the Capitol. This article highlights how the DFL is filled with vitriol. It also highlights the fact that they’re still feeling a little sensitive about appropriating money to build the Senate Office Building. Brian Bakst and Tim Pugmire reported that tensions “rose in the Senate when […]

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Sweeping changes to the IRRRB

This article isn’t good news for the IRRRB porkmeisters, aka the IRRRB Board of Executives. According to the article, “Makeup of the Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board would change dramatically if Republican-sponsored legislation is approved.” That’s understatement. HF3925, which was chief-authored by Chairman Tom Hackbarth, creates the “Legislative-Citizen Commission on Iron Range resources and […]

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DFL’s lies, continued

This LTE from Carolyn Nieters contains the obligatory DFL lie. Ms> Nieters fulfilled her obligation to the DFL by saying “I saw in the news that House Republicans like Rep. Jim Knoblach proposed investing exactly zero dollars of our $900 million surplus toward education for our community. Zero! Yet their plan includes doling out tax […]

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Zelle, Duininck, extending NorthStar

The purpose of this op-ed, written by MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle and Met Council Chairman Adam Duininck, is to criticize Jim Knoblach. In the interest of full disclosure, Jim represents me in the legislature. He’s also one of the smartest policy makers in Minnesota. But I digress. While attacking Chairman Knoblach, Commissioner Zelle and Chairman […]

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Bakk vs. accountability and transparency

Last week, Senate Minority Leader David Hann wrote Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk a letter requesting that Sen. Bakk release the content of a threatening email Sen. Bakk sent to Cook County businessman Dennis Rysdahl. Predictably, Sen. Bakk refused to release that email, saying “You just can’t do that.” After hearing Mr. Rysdahl’s testimony and […]

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Dahle-Jensen transportation op-ed

This op-ed, co-authored by DFL Sen. Kevin Dahle and DFL Rep. Vicki Jensen, is mostly fiction. It’s totally in keeping with the DFL’s transportation chanting points. Mostly, though, it’s a thinly-veiled attempt at a major middle class tax increase that isn’t needed. Dahle and Jensen start with a false premise, stating it “is well reported […]

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