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North Dakota says yes to cheaper electricity

The shortest summarization for this article is to say that North Dakota rejects expensive energy alternatives: “It is no secret that Minnesota rules, laws and policies are highly influenced by various environmental groups and ideas,” Mike Diller, director of economic regulation for the N.D. Public Service Commission said during a hearing in January. “The environmental […]

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Nolan and the convicted pervert

This Strib article certainly can’t help Rick Nolan: Republicans on Friday slammed Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan for planning a fundraiser with Peter Yarrow, the singer from the 1960s band Peter, Paul and Mary, who admitted in 1970 to having improper relations with a 14-year-old girl. Rep. Nolan must be totally stupid for planning a fundraiser […]

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Dayton, DFL: MNsure’s fine, move along

Jeffrey Meitrodt’s article shows how anxious Gov. Dayton and the DFL is to put their mismanagement and inattentiveness behind them: DFL Rep. Joe Atkins, co-chairman of the oversight committee, said he “prefers to look forward” and not rehash the decisions that brought MNsure to where it is today. He praised the agency for signing up […]

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What is Gov. Dayton hiding?

After watching this video, it’s apparent that Gov. Dayton is attempting to hide something from Minnesotans: This article has more than a whiff of desparation to it. Gov. Mark Dayton vowed Tuesday not to cooperate with a legislative panel that wants to question top officials in his administration about technical problems that marred the Oct. […]

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Dayton’s, DFL’s ostrich strategy

From now through Election Day, Gov. Dayton and the DFL will employ an ostrich strategy. They’ll pretend they didn’t know MNsure would be a disaster ahead of time. This article proves that they knew but chose to pretend everything was fine: Twelve days before Minnesota unveiled its $100 million health insurance exchange known as MNsure, […]

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Another MNsure failure

Saying that MNsure is an expensive failure is understatement. Here’s another example of how MNsure continues to be an expensive failure: St. Paul- The Minnesota House of Representatives passed an ObamaCare bailout bill (HF 3172) Thursday by a vote of 70 to 59. In 2013, Governor Mark Dayton and Democrat lawmakers passed a budget that […]

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