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Who is Move MN?

I’ve written several articles about Move MN’s proposal to raise taxes on the middle class in the name of “transportation.” See here and here. I’ve written about Move MN’s agenda, which they write about here: Accessible Transit Statewide Transit is important to every community in Minnesota. Move MN supports closing a sales tax loophole by […]

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Dayton/DFL infighting exposed

One of the worst-kept political secrets is that the DFL is fighting with itself. That isn’t secret anymore because Gov. Dayton announced that he’s cutting the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s budget: Dayton was nothing if not transparent about the move. The budget materials given to reporters before the late-morning briefing stated that the total […]

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Dayton breaks ‘Tax the rich’ promise

It’s clear that Gov. Dayton’s Tax-the-Rich promise is history: Minnesota drivers would pay more at the pump and at the Department of Motor Vehicles under a plan formally rolled out by Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday, but he says the money would provide vitally needed improvements to roads, bridges and mass transit in Minnesota. In […]

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Erin Murphy’s spin

If there’s anything that Erin Murphy knows how to do, it’s spin the DFL’s BS. Here’s a perfect example of that ‘ability’ showcased: Income inequality knows no geography. Fostering divisions regionally means less action to restore middle class. 1/2 #mnleg — Erin Murphy (@epmurphy) January 26, 2015 #MNGOP‘s “restore balance” message can’t cover up actions […]

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Move MN’s motivation

Move MN’s motivation is laid out beautifully on their agenda webpage: In order to address the challenges in our current transportation system, new funding must: Be comprehensive to address, roads, bridges, transit, and bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Equitably balance the transportation needs of Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area. Be a long-term, sustainable […]

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The DFL’s transportation spin

Scott Brener’s op-ed in this morning’s St. Cloud Times introduces some important questions into the transportation debate at the state legislature. Here’s an example: In 2012, the Transportation Finance Advisory Committee projected we needed $250 million a year to “maintain” our state roads and bridges. Today, Gov. Dayton says we need $400 million. Gov. Dayton’s […]

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