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Times’ special session complaint

In this Times Our View editorial, the Times is upset because there might be 6 bills voted on during the special session: Plus, with the indication the session will last only one day, it’s clear their deal-making will be done behind closed doors. How else are you going to get a divided Legislature to approve […]

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Yesterday’s DFL lies, Part II

This picture shows just how disgustingly dishonest the DFL is: The agenda for this year’s special session is still being negotiated but the Alliance for a Better Minnesota is already lying about Jim Knoblach’s votes. In the interest of honesty and integrity, I’m proposing that the Alliance for a Better Minnesota be renamed. I’m open […]

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Yesterday’s DFL package of lies

Yesterday morning, another DFL LTE lied to the public in the DFL’s attempt to appease Education Minnesota. Here’s Kat Harrison’s LTE, complete with highlighted DFL propaganda: Anyone trying to portray Senate Democrats as opposed to Gov. Mark Dayton is flat out wrong. Majority Leader Tom Bakk, Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben, education chair Sen. Chuck […]

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Gov. Dayton losing support?

This scathing editorial doesn’t mince words. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Bill Hanna’s opinion of Gov. Dayton is: And now, unencumbered by running another election campaign, Dayton evidently feels free to wage a nasty bipartisan political battle with not only traditional GOP opposition but also with DFL leaders and lawmakers […]

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Tina Smith, obstructionist

It’s time to put this shutdown puzzle together. This article highlights the role Tina Smith played during budget negotiations. First, here’s the information setting up that situation: A few hours before the governor stood in his entryway waiting for Bakk or Daudt to reply to his education funding demands, the 41-year-old Daudt of conservative Crown […]

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Will Gov. Dayton shut gov’t down again?

One of the questions that people are asking is whether Gov. Dayton will shut government down again. Based on what Tom Dennis wrote in this Our View Editorial, I’m betting Gov. Dayton will shut government down because he isn’t willing to accept a superior policy to his universal pre-K initiative: Gov. Dayton, you should have […]

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