Met Council’s legal peril

One thing that the Twin Cities press hasn’t covered, at least in the context of the special session negotiations, is that there’s a lawsuit that’s tying up the Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) project. In fact, Judge John Tunheim’s ruling contains an admonition to the Met Council. FYI- Judge Tunheim is the “Chief Judge” of […]

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Is SWLRT in legal difficulty?

During the DFL’s bad faith negotiations for a special session, Gov. Dayton and the DFL insisted that the GOP fund the Southwest Light Rail Transit, aka SWLRT, project. Speaker wisely refused. Now we know why it was wise to refuse. On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Adam Duininck wrote an email to Gov. Dayton and Lt. […]

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SWLRT funding is a scam

I wrote this post last week to highlight the documented fact that Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators knew that the federal government wouldn’t fund the federal portion of the SWLRT project until a series of lawsuits were settled. That’s why the DFL Senate didn’t include the $135,000,000 funding for SWLRT in their $1,800,000,000 bonding bill. […]

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Rick Nolan, environmental activist

Rick Nolan has always been an environmental activist. It’s who he was in the 1970s when he was my congressman. It’s who he is today. He’s also a full-fledged socialist. To prove that final point, Rep. Nolan was just endorsed by a pro-Bernie Sanders organization called Our Revolution. Their stated goal is to “revitalize American […]

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Zach Dorholt, far left lefty

There wasn’t much doubt about whether Zach Dorholt was a far left lefty going into this campaign. He’d voted for the biggest tax increase in Minnesota history. He voted for the biggest spending increase in Minnesota history, too. Of course, Dorholt said he voted for the tax increase to pay for property tax relief. It’s […]

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Paul Thissen’s dishonest attack

This morning, I wrote this post to highlight Betsy Hodges’ bizarre quote. Specifically, Ms. Hodges said “I expect everyone in Minneapolis to behave with civility and respect.” Most people who aren’t afflicted with an onslaught of progressivism would agree with me when I said “Expecting people in the Twin Cities to “behave with civility and […]

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