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Dayton’s MNsure dishonesty exposed

In September, Mark Dayton insisted that PreferredOne’s leaving MNsure was competition in action: Gov. Mark Dayton says a key provider’s decision to drop out of the state-run health exchange is competition in action. The Star Tribune is reporting it’s nothing of the sort: Sometime after the insurer PreferredOne submitted its proposed rates for the first […]

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Franken’s 6 extra words

Whenever a DFL politician talks about major construction projects, whether it’s the Sandpiper Pipeline project or the PolyMet Mining project, they always say these 6 extra words: “We need to do this right.” This time, the politician was Al Franken and the project he was talking about was PolyMet. Unfortunately, Sen. Franken loves using the […]

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Nolan supports censorship

During his interview with Esme Murphy, Rick Nolan reiterated his support for overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United vs. the FEC lawsuit: The Supreme Court ruled against BCRA, aka McCain-Feingold: Independent Expenditures by Corporations The Court overruled Austin, striking down § 441b’s ban on corporate independent expenditures. It also struck down the […]

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Dayton-Johnson debate highlight

I’ll risk saying this but the professional political punditry needs to get start seeing things through a policy impact perspective, not through a ‘will it play politically’ perspective. During this morning’s gubernatorial debate, Gov. Dayton said that he’s long advocated for a single-payer health care system. What was the collective reaction from the professional political […]

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Atkins: O’Driscoll’s editorial misleading

Joe Atkins, one of the co-chairs of the MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee, insists that Tim O’Driscoll’s editorial was misleading. Actually, it’s Atkins’ editorial that’s misleading: Republican Rep. Tim O’Driscoll’s recent op-ed (“Insurance premiums are going up,” Oct. 12) was very misleading and continues the practice of attacking MNsure, celebrating technical problems and distorting the facts […]

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When Dayton’s priorities changed

This article is rather enlightening: “I learned some important lessons from him. First of all, the importance of a job to someone who doesn’t have one. My job as governor is to do everything I can to provide jobs for the people of Minnesota, those who are unemployed, those who are underemployed, to those who […]

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