Bipartisan compromise in the works?

Despite Gov. Dayton’s best efforts to play the part of Obstructionist-in-Chief, with a supporting cast of metro environmentalists and SWLRT activists, it appears as though a bipartisan compromise has been reached between Sen. Jeremy Miller, (R-Winona), and Sen. Roger Reinert, (DFL-Duluth). The key part of their compromises comes when they say “While there are projects […]

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Nolan joins Pelosi’s sit-in

Rick Nolan isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I recall thinking that when he was my congressman back in the mid-1970s. Back then, constituents knew that he’d vote the way Democratic leadership told him to vote. Nothing’s changed in 40+ years. Yesterday, Nolan joined the Democrats’ gun control sit-in. When it was his time […]

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Thissen’s special session statement

When it comes to dishonest DFL politicians, Paul Thissen is in the conversation. Though he isn’t at the top of the list, he’s certainly part of the conversation. Yesterday, Rep. Thissen issued this statement. To be fair to Rep. Thissen, there were fragments of truth in his statement. For instance, Rep. Thissen was sort of […]

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Gov. Dayton appeals NGEA ruling

In a PR stunt, Gov. Dayton announced that he’s appealing the ruling shooting down the Next Generation Energy Act, aka the NGEA. It’s a PR stunt because Gov. Dayton said “it’s a matter of protecting air quality.” The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals disagrees, saying that “Minnesota would need Congressional approval to enforce that section […]

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SC Times sides with Gov. Dayton

The SC Times Editorial Board isn’t as unflinchingly liberal as the Strib’s Editorial Board but it’s a close second in Minnesota. This editorial isn’t the worst that they’ve published but it’s still a cheerleading editorial. For instance, this editorial says “Earlier, the Times Editorial Board gave this advice to Gov. Mark Dayton: Don’t call a […]

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ABM’s BS factory working overtime

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, aka ABM, is the DFL’s BS machine. These days, it looks more like a BS factory than anything else. This post’s content is almost totally BS. In a blatant display of dishonesty, ABM insists that “Daudt and his Republican colleagues have pursued a harmful, Trump-like agenda.” That’s interesting. It’s […]

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