Dan Wolgamott’s secret

I’ve always thought that Dan Wolgamott was overrated as a candidate. A visit to his campaign website, especially Wolgamott’s issues page, identifies him as a cookie-cutter DFL candidate. There’s nothing about him that makes people think that he’s leadership material. A quick perusal of Mr. Wolgamott’s About Me page paints the picture of a family […]

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Thissen’s sabotage & denial

It isn’t a secret that I don’t like Paul Thissen. I find him to be a man of little character but 2 faces. He’s also a political hack. This post will highlight Rep. Thissen’s character flaws. This post will highlight what he’s done recently in private vs. what he’s said publicly. This post will highlight […]

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Dayton kills special session

DFL senators killed the House bonding bill in mid-May by insisting that the bill include funding for the Southwest Light Rail project. In June, Gov. Dayton killed middle class tax relief with a pocket veto. In July, Gov. Dayton refused to call a special session in House Republicans didn’t include funding for the Southwest Light […]

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Mills v. Nolan, civil rights edition

Rick Nolan has a constitutional problem that can’t be solved. It isn’t that he’s done anything impeachable. It’s that he’s pretzeled himself into an impossible situation to squirm out of. In trying to sound reasonable on the Second Amendment and on terrorists, Nolan’s campaign manager said “suspected terrorists — those who aren’t allowed to fly […]

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Minnesota’s odd couples

In 2015, GOP Speaker Kurt Daudt and DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk put together a bipartisan budget agreement. The problem that time was that Minnesota’s other political odd couple, Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL Rep. Paul Thissen, combined to sabotage that bipartisan budget agreement. It isn’t unlike the DFL’s sabotaging of the bonding bill […]

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Gov. Dayton, the DFL & cronyism

It’s indisputable that Gov. Dayton fights harder for golden parachutes for his political appointees than he’s fought for tax relief for farmers, veterans, students with student loan debt and small business owners. In fact, it’s indisputable that Gov. Dayton and the DFL have fought hard to increase commissioners’ pay. Think about this: Gov. Dayton and […]

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