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DFL chanting point confirmed

Sunday morning, Ember Reichgott-Junge repeated the chanting point she recited Friday night. On @ Issue With Tom Hauser, Ms. Reichgott-Junge characterized Minnesota’s economy as strong, which it clearly isn’t. An economy that just saw 4,200 jobs disappear in July isn’t strong. An economy where revenues came in 6.6% short of the state’s projection isn’t strong. […]

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DFL shovel-ready jobs

Former DFL legislators on Friday night’s Almanac Roundtable panel exemplified the best definition of DFL shovel-ready jobs. I’m betting they didn’t notice but Ember Reichgott-Junge and Mindy Greiling talked themselves into circles, thanks in large part to Amy Koch’s spot on analysis of the state of Minnesota’s economy. Sen. Koch rightly highlighted the fact that, […]

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Chilling speech, buying elections, Part II

When I wrote this post, I wrote it to highlight the tactics Democrats use to steal elections. In the first post, I focused on the things the local Democratic Party is doing. Unfortunately, this isn’t just happening at the state level. It’s happening at the federal level, too: NOM said that an investigation revealed that […]

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Dayton Dakota Dreaming, Part II

Yestedray, I wrote this post to highlight Gov. Dayton’s juvenile jab at North Dakota. Here’s what he said that caught my attention: “Every night I dream before I go to sleep of mobilizing the National Guard and annexing North Dakota.” He then quickly followed that statement by saying he’d just been interested in annexing the […]

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Dayton-Dakota Dreaming

Gov. Dayton’s dreaming is interesting: During a rail safety meeting in Red Wing last week, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton said Minnesota does not enjoy much economic benefit from the trains carrying highly volatile crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken region. That led the governor at one point to joke, “Every night I dream before I […]

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David Strom’s strong op-ed

David Strom’s op-ed highlights the fact that Minnesota’s economy isn’t as strong as Gov. Dayton and the Alliance for a Better Minnesota have said it is: Just a few years ago, more than 75 percent of adults in Minnesota were in the workforce. Now that number is 70.1 percent—yet that 5 percentage-point difference isn’t actually […]

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