DFL entitlement reform?

It isn’t a secret that Democrats aren’t fans of government reform. They’ve been the defenders of the status quo for years. Hillary Clinton was their presidential nominee. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the faces of Senate and House Democrats. This trio of fossils aren’t mistaken for having fresh ideas. If they don’t want to […]

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Exposing the DFL’s playbook

On Saturday, I wrote this post about this Mother Jones article. The MJ article quotes Debbie Sease, the senior lobbying and advocacy director at the Sierra Club. Ms. Sease was polite enough to explain how Democrats kill mining and construction jobs. She said that “her organization’s strategy lies in playing defense by filing legal challenges, […]

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Gov. Dayton hasn’t seen big picture

In this interview, incoming Chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee, nailed it when she was asked by the AP reporter if there will be a special session. Sen. Benson replied “I am less hopeful today than I was even a couple of days ago. We’re just not hearing anything from […]

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Destroying Dems’ talking points

I normally don’t talk about the things posted in the comments sections of articles but I’m making an exception in this instance because the comment uses one of the Democrats’ frequent talking points. The subject of the LTE is a bailout of insurance companies by the Obama administration. The comment, though, starts by saying “Most […]

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Gov. Dayton’s latest hissy fit

Gov. Dayton’s last day in office can’t come soon enough. Saying that our governor is a spoiled rich brat with a short fuse is understatement. This time, Gov. Dayton says that he’s running out of patience with the GOP over MNsure. This article quotes Gov. Dayton as saying “I’m running out of patience” after accusing […]

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Gov. Dayton to fight MNsure changes

It isn’t a secret that Gov. Dayton will resist attempts to improve Minnesota’s health care system. This article includes a quote from Gov. Dayton that indicates he’s still in denial about Obamacare. First, it’s worth noting that Gov. Dayton said “The average wait time has been measured in seconds. If they’re going to be attacking […]

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