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The lawless Dayton administration

Jeff Johnson is taking the fight to Gov. Dayton, this time in Virginia, MN: Johnson has been a persistent critic of MNsure created under Gov. Dayton. But his opposition reached a new and higher level when PreferredOne, which had 60 percent of the MNsure market pulled out for business reasons. Johnson even alluded to a […]

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Dayton’s latest MNsure fiasco

Gov. Dayton’s MNsure problems just got bigger. KSTP’s investigation into MNsure has led them to “emails between Minnesota House Research staff and the Minnesota Department of Health” that show state officials and MNsure have known that MNsure was placing people incorrectly on Medicaid: Internal emails obtained by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS show MNsure and other state […]

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Community Action shuts doors

After fleecing taxpayers, Community Action Partnership of Minneapolis has shut its doors: DHS auditors accused the corporation of spending more than it helped. The state wants Community Action Minneapolis to repay more than $850,000 in grant money that was spent incorrectly. The audit showed more than $200,000 paid for unallowable costs like cruises, golf trips […]

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MNsure’s latest failure

The DFL has tried convincing Minnesotans that MNsure is performing spectacularly for almost a year. The DFL’s job is getting more difficult each week. Stories like Jay Kolls’ article just highlight how dysfunctional MNsure is: Jean Hendricks doesn’t understand why MNsure wants to put her son on Medicaid at taxpayers’ expense when he doesn’t qualify. […]

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Wisconsin GOP ad hits Burke

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is hitting Mary Burke with this radio ad: Joe Zepecki, Burke’s campaign spokesman, is doing his best to rewrite history: Burke campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki said this case wasn’t one of plagiarism because the consultant had recycled his own words. “These allegations are false. A respected professor of journalism has […]

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Progressives’ assault on free speech

This op-ed in the Wall Street Journal should frighten civic-minded people of all political persuasions. It paints the picture of what hardline progressives specialize in: Last year Wisconsin prosecutors—at the behest of Milwaukee’s Democratic District Attorney John Chisholm —launched a secret criminal investigation involving almost every conservative advocacy group in the state. Armed law-enforcement personnel […]

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