Campaign double-dipping?

Last night, I noticed several tweets from the DFL side from Susie Merthans. After the session ended, a loyal reader of LFR sent me the link to ABM’s statement. According to the statement, Merthans is identified as “the Communications Director at Alliance for a Better Minnesota.” That’s an attention-grabber because Ms. Merthans’ Twitter profile says […]

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Then and now

Well, we’ve all seen the movies and TV shows about building railroads in the nineteenth century, the armies of men, the towns, usually called “Hell on Wheels’ for good reason. and all the rest. The picture above is from my neighborhood, and without that railroad, there wasn’t any purpose for anybody to live out here, […]

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Still in session, spin begins

I knew that the DFL and ABM would start spinning things after they created a mess but this is ridiculous. While the legislature was still in session, Susie Merthans started spinning things. She quoted Paul Thissen as saying “Modest victories are due to Gov Dayton & DFL Senate dragging GOP kicking and screaming across the […]

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How (Real) Capitalism Works

A couple of interesting things here, relating to capitalism, and just how very far we’ve come in the last few hundred years. First off Deidre McClosky is in the process of explaining how we got so rich. From the Spectator, UK. Deirdre McCloskey has been at work for many years on a huge project: to […]

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How The New E-Cig Rules Hurt Americans

You may have noticed that the FDA recently decided that E-cig should be regulated (by themselves, natch) as tobacco products. Frankly, it doesn’t make much sense to me, maybe because I expect tobacco products to contain, well, I don’t know, tobacco, maybe. Jared Meyer wrote about this the other day in The Federalist, here’s some […]

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Government = Corruption = Undeserved Wealth = Insider Favoritism

In hopes of learning some lessons, let’s take a tour through the dank sewer of government, the place where malice is rewarded and malfeasance is a stepping stone to success. Writing for the Washington Post, Professor Stephen Medvic argues that America’s political system is mostly clean. …there is very little political corruption in the United […]

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