Thissen’s special session statement

When it comes to dishonest DFL politicians, Paul Thissen is in the conversation. Though he isn’t at the top of the list, he’s certainly part of the conversation. Yesterday, Rep. Thissen issued this statement. To be fair to Rep. Thissen, there were fragments of truth in his statement. For instance, Rep. Thissen was sort of […]

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DFL corruptocrat pleads guilty

At the end of the day, DFL corruptocrat Bill Davis pled guilty “to all 16 counts against him, including mail fraud, wire fraud, theft from a program receiving federal funds and conspiracy to commit such theft.” Former DFL gubernatorial candidate Susan Gaertner represented Davis. She said that Davis would do something rare for a DFL […]

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Jo Cox, RIP

Yesterday, a British MP was assassinated. Yes, I know, you missed it on the news, well I hate to say it I did too. I guess it wasn’t important enough to tell Americans about, but it is. Here’s why. First off she was a woman, her name is Jo Cox, in her early 40s, married, […]

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Saturday night fifty-one Americans were killed. Not gay Americans, not gay, male Americans, not anything less than full undifferentiated Americans. That is what is wrong with almost all of the coverage. These people were Americans, and our countrymen. It’s possible that we don’t agree with their lifestyle choices, their sexual orientation, their political goals, their […]

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Trump’s legal gymnastics

It’s well-established fact that Donald Trump isn’t a man of integrity. Trump’s integrity was questioned when Erick Erickson disinvited Trump from the annual RedState Gathering for Trump’s statement about Megyn Kelly. Trump’s integrity was questioned again when he made his infamous derogatory statements about Carly Fiorina’s looks. This article was written after USA Today investigated […]

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Why the Roman empire worked – and the EU empire doesn’t

I found this very interesting: The principle of countries working harmoniously together is wholly admirable. Why, then, has the European Union become such a disaster area? The success of the Roman empire may offer a clue. Romans won that empire almost entirely by military might. But they could not have maintained it that way: for some […]

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