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DFL ad attacks Jeff Johnson

This DFL ad attacks Jeff Johnson because the DFL doesn’t want parents to know that Gov. Dayton supports Education Minnesota more than he supports students: Here’s the transcript from the DFL’s mean-spirited ad: I think a lot of Minnesotans don’t know what Jeff Johnson stands for. It seems like schools are not Jeff Johnson’s priority. […]

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The Scottish Referendum: A Political Analysis

Any political analysis of the Scottish referendum on secession from Britain should include not only the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Westminster, but also other large E.U. states and even the E.U. powers at the federal level. Such an analysis may leave the cynic wondering whether the question could even conceivably be decided by the Scots themselves—so much being on the line for state and federal officials and their respective institutions.

The entire essay is at “The Scottish Referendum: A Political Analysis

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Ken Martin’s hissy fit

Yesterday, Martin launched a hissy fit yesterday that would make a 5-year-old proud. Here’s the heart of Martin’s histrionics: On Tuesday, Martin also accused Johnson of being disingenuous about his connection to the Tea Party. “This is a question of character,” said Martin. Martin said Johnson was trying to “reinvent” himself post-primary. “It’s the hypocrisy. […]

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Lois Lerner, corrupt Democrat

This article proves that Lois Lerner is thoroughly corrupt: In 2007, Lerner responded directly to a complaint that some major labor unions reported completely different amounts of political expenditures when filing with the IRS and the Department of Labor. At the time of the email, Lerner was the Director of Exempt Organizations at the IRS. […]

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Chilling speech, buying elections, Part II

When I wrote this post, I wrote it to highlight the tactics Democrats use to steal elections. In the first post, I focused on the things the local Democratic Party is doing. Unfortunately, this isn’t just happening at the state level. It’s happening at the federal level, too: NOM said that an investigation revealed that […]

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Chilling speech, buying elections

Few apolitical people know that the Democratic Party has put in place a system that chills political involvement and that buys elections. I have proof that both statements are true. Starting with buying elections, this story proves that the DFL broke Minnesota’s campaign lawss and bought 11 Senate seats: The Republican Party of Minnesota began […]

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