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Petit Tyrants

Minnesota Department of Incompetence

Jay Kolls’ article highlights the Department of Human Services’ incompetence: The Minnesota Department of Human Services sent 3,000 letters to homes of MinnesotaCare recipients who may have received incorrect monthly billing statements after they applied for health coverage through MNsure, the state’s new health care exchange. The letter tells those recipients the bills may have […]

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Standing up to tyranny

Andrew Napolitano’s op-ed for Fox News is a great history lesson of the Nixon administration’s and the Obama administration’s attempts to suppress political speech. It’s today’s must reading. Here’s Judge Napolitano’s illustration of how the Nixon administration suppressed speech: Classic examples of “chilling” occurred in the 1970s, when FBI agents and U.S. Army soldiers, in […]

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You cannot rewrite laws to achieve your political agenda

We feature Marita Noon here fairly often, she is one of the best on energy affairs, and I have found her point to be correct almost always, and her conclusions are just as trustworthy. This comes via RedState. a site I like although do not always agree with (depends on the contributor, mostly). Here’s Marita. […]

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Was Rosenstone the wrong hire?

Now that people are questisoning some of Chancellor Rosenstone’s decisions, like his decision to pay a consulting firm $2,000,000 or the Trustees’ decision to extend Chancellor Rosenstone’s contract before giving him a performance review, perhaps it’s time to ask what his qualifications were. This chart shows that Rosenstone wasn’t as qualified as the other finalist: […]

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Harry Reid: Border is secure

Harry Reid is one of the most deceitful men to ever serve in Washington, DC. He isn’t too bright, either. The things he said in this video contradict each other: Here’s what Sen. Reid said: “From all the reports I’ve gotten, the answer for me is no, I won’t support it,” he said. “I believe […]

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While Gazans Suffer in Poverty, Leaders of Hamas Live in Luxury

By The Tower Staff WritersYnet reported on Tuesday about the wealth accumulated by the leaders of Hamas, in contrast to the poverty suffered by most residents of Gaza.The Ynet article focuses first on Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.S…

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