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Oklahoma lawmaker favors Hitler-styled treatment of Christian businesses

In the 1930’s, Nazi Germany required Jewish-owned businesses to register with the German government in order to identify them for a takeover by the Nazis. This eventually led to a series of anti-Jewish regulations and decrees depriving Jews of their property rights. Of course, we know how that ended. Based on her recent actions, I’m thinking that this story is a favorite of Oklahoma state Rep. Emily Virgin (D). In a move that sounds a bit like Nazi Germany, she wants to pass a law that requires Christian businesses to post a public notice of discrimination if they intend to refuse service to lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgendered people for religious reasons. After state Rep. Chuck Strohm (R) introduced the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act (HB1371), which would allow businesses like wedding cake bakers and photographers to deny services due to personal religious beliefs—state Senator Joseph Silk (R) introduced a similar bill in the Oklahoma Senate—Virgin proposed an amendment that would make even Houston Mayor Annise Parker proud: Any person not wanting to participate in any of the activities set forth in subsection A of this section based on sexual orientation, gender identity or race of either party to the marriage shall post notice of such refusal in a manner clearly visible […]

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Free-speech hypocrisy on college campuses

The past week was a rough one for free speech in America. Two students at the University of Oklahoma have been expelled by the university’s president for their role in producing a video that contained “racist chants.” They were immediately expelled –no investigation, no hearing, and no defense allowed. Presumably, the “university community” could not tolerate any delay in ending and condemning the contamination of its heretofore pristine political culture. If you think that even students’ offensive speech should be protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, you would be wrong according to university President David Boren, who quite fittingly is a former Democratic U.S. senator and governor. According to him, the students’ antics supposedly contribute to a “hostile educational climate” on campus, and is thus not protected as free speech. That statement could have come from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. (Who knows? Maybe it did.) However offensive and reprehensible, the student behavior was a chant, not a Molotov Cocktail, a rock through a window or red paint thrown on a speaker. The lack of protected free speech on college campuses is not a new problem, though it seldom makes the headlines. Nonetheless, it is a […]

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Student teaches university about First Amendment

This post on FIRE’s blog shows how illiterate universities are concerning the First Amendment. Check this out: On Tuesday, a pro-life activist displaying a graphic poster depicting an aborted fetus on the University of Oregon (UO) campus attempted to give counter-protesters a lesson in First Amendment law, but video footage of the incident suggests few […]

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George Soros and socialist group are behind Net Neutrality

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that the FCC was proceeding with their 300 pages of regulations that essentially gave the government complete control over the internet while shutting down free speech. But did you know that ultra-liberal socialist George Soros was the force behind the takeover? Supposedly, these new regulations were necessary in order to “level the playing field,” protecting small businesses and middle-income households against discrimination from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). But when one of the groups who advocated this so-called “level playing field” is called Free Press; when the FCC cited pro-neutrality arguments by Free Press 46 times in its decision; and when Free Press is funded by George Soros, you get a new understanding about the real motivations behind Net Neutrality. Another reason to question these regulations comes to us from the co-founder of Free Press, Robert McChesney, who currently serves on the Board of Directors. According to the Daily Caller, Mr. McChesney has made some very troubling statements in a 2009 essay: “In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles. Only government can implement policies and subsidies to […]

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Big government and Executive Amnesty – A perfect storm

Did you know that according to the Social Security Administration, there are more than 6.5 million Americans over the age of 112? If you think that number doesn’t sound right, you’d be right because it’s not true. After a man attempted to open multiple bank accounts using active Social Security numbers belonging to people born in the late 1800’s, the Office of the Inspector General decided to audit the SSA. The audit found that there were only 35 known individuals over the age of 112 still alive as of October 2013 . . . WORLDWIDE! Apparently, the SSA hasn’t bothered to check the obituaries for the past 100+ years.—who provided some of the information for my commentary—has also identified thousands of instances of potential identity theft and/or other fraud involving these SSNs. For example, between the years 2006 and 2011, some 70,000 of these outdated SSNs were used to procure $3.1 billion in earnings. But hey, it gets better. As if the discovery of this incredible ineptitude was enough, there was another “minor” detail tucked away in the report. Apparently, U.S. attorneys chose not to prosecute illegal immigrants who used some of these SSNs. “In three cases, [the Social Security Administration’s Office of Investigation] confirmed that illegal […]

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ATF issues reprieve on M855 ammo ban, but don’t think it’s over

After receiving an unheard-of amount of negative responses to the idea, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has decided to postpone their proposal to ban certain types of 5.56mm rounds, or .223 caliber, which is a type of ammunition used in the AR-15 rifle. According to the ATF, it “has already received more than 80,000 comments” on the proposed ban, which they have committed to make public “as soon as practicable.” Specifically, the ban applied to M855 “green tip” or SS109″ rounds that contain particular metal cores. In a statement released by the ATF, they said: “Although ATF endeavored to create a proposal that reflected a good faith interpretation of the law and balanced the interests of law enforcement, industry, and sportsmen, the vast majority of the comments received to date are critical of the framework, and include issues that deserve further study.” As a result, the ATF said that it “will not at this time seek to issue a final framework.” A victory for the 2nd Amendment, right? Not so fast. Even thought the ATF has received over 80,000 comments on their proposal, they intend to keep the comment period open until March 16. At that time, they […]

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