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Campuses embrace censorship

Virginia Postrel’s article is a welcome spotlight on the corrupt practices of “Citrus Community College near Los Angeles.” Thankfully, someone afflicted by Citrus Community College’s corruption has a spine: Last September, Vincenzo Sinapi-Riddle, a student at Citrus Community College near Los Angeles, was collecting signatures on a petition asking the student government to condemn spying […]

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The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 7-18-2014

This Week on The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program: A War Is Coming…. Join Joe Bennett And The Panel. County By County, State By State. One Man’s Plan To Take It Back. Adult Themes Will Be Discussed. Adult Language May Be … Continue reading

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DFL pushing fake War on Women meme

The Democrats must think that they have to push their fake War on Women meme. This week, it’s TakeAction Minnesota’ Dan McGrath’s turn to push that dishonest meme: The Hobby Lobby and Harris v. Quinn rulings handed down by the Supreme Court’s conservative and male majority lay bare exactly what they value. And it’s not […]

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Demolishing Pelosi’s Hobby Lobby spin

Betsy McCaughey’s post is a great starting point to discuss the Left’s dishonesty: “Really, we should be afraid of this court,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 30 Hobby Lobby ruling. What the Supreme Court ruled, if it’s distilled to its core, is say that female employees […]

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Hobby Lobby decision doesn’t restrict access to birth control

The Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court is a victory for religious freedom, yet the abortion lovers of the left continue to make the claim that it was an assault on a women’s right to “reproductive health”—which is PC-speak word for “pro-abortion.” Yet, if you listen to Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz—the “D” in her name stands for “dingbat“—women will be “den(ied) access to certain health care benefits based on their personal beliefs.” As we see in this guest commentary from Lauren Briggs, these claims are nothing but political hyperbole meant to reinforce the phony war on women meme the Democrats use whenever they don’t have any facts. _________________________________________ Within moments of the Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case, my Facebook page lit up with exclamations of glee, anger, victory and outrage. The rhetoric was so high from all corners, that I decided to delve a little deeper for my own discovery. I started with the definition of the word contraception. It’s origin goes back to the late 19th century from “contra”meaning “against”and “ception” which is a shortened form of conception, or “against conception.” The Oxford Dictionary defines contraception as: the deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregnancy. Merriam-Webster uses […]

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America’s greatest scofflaw president

Those of us old enough to recall Richard Nixon’s time in office know that he didn’t respect the Constitution, especially the Fourth Amendment. That wasn’t the only way he broke the law but it’s certainly the most famous. That being said, this president is the greatest scofflaw-in-chief in American history because he just doesn’t care […]

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