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Tell grandma Obama is coming for her gun

When serving as Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel believed in the adage that you should never let a serious crisis go to waste; and even though Rahm has moved on to the city of Chicago where he is destroying the Windy City as its mayor, the White House still practices the “serious crisis” philosophy when making policies that would normally meet with great resistance from the voting public as we see in this latest example. With a nuclear Iran now official, Obama is busy preparing to take advantage of their self-made crisis with a new plan to block millions of seniors from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. According to The Los Angeles Times, Obama has targeted some 4.2 million Social Security recipients who use a fiduciary (a third-party) to handle their monthly benefits, looking to prohibit those who have been found incompetent to manage their own financial affairs from owning guns. The figure breaks down to about 2.7 million people with mental health problems—“a potentially higher risk category for gun ownership”—and 1.5 million who have their finances manage by others “for a variety of reasons.” Heck, if ability to manage finances becomes a criteria, wouldn’t that disqualify Congress and […]

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Forgiveness for Communist Butchers, Not for Confederate Flag

Dissent is never more courageous or more dangerous than when the lynch mob is at your door. Patriots, look out your window. The liberal media is our new lynch mob and they are on the march. If you think they are coming for your neighbor but not you, wake up and smell the ashes of the First Amendment. If you ever owned a confederate flag or graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Virginia, Pennsylvania or Kalamazoo, watch out. They know that in your heart – in your DNA, to use our Dear Leader’s terminology — you are a racist, and you must pay – not for your sins, but the sins of your ancestors, which are after all, your crimes, too. Again, remember: it’s in your DNA. You can see the mob coming, but there is really nowhere to hide. Their target is not your home, it’s your country, America. The mob has judged America racist, and the mob, Obama’s transformative, robotic mob, will not be satisfied until the America you and your ancestors knew is destroyed. Yes, it’s the confederate flag today, but it will be the American flag tomorrow. That is already happening on college campuses, […]

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Chris Christie immigration policy: Tough on employers – easy on illegals

RINO presidential candidate Chris Christie made his policy on illegal immigration a bit more clear in a recent CNN interview. Secure the border? Nah. End Obama’s pathway to citizenship? Nope! In fact, he approves of Obama’s actions because Congress hasn’t acted — which means, by default, that he isn’t opposed to abusing executive authority to get around Congress. Increase deportations? As they would say in Jersey, Fuggedaboudit. Much like fellow RINO and presidential candidate Jeb Bush, and Obama himself for that matter, Christie thinks punishing America, or more specifically American businesses, is the way to stem the tide of illegals entering the country. According the governor from New Jersey, government should target employers that hire illegals instead of the illegals themselves. “We’ve got to penalize employers who hire people who are here illegally. The fact is that shouldn’t happen and it’s exploiting American workers.” “But in addition to that, it’s exploiting many of those people who are here illegally because they’re being paid less money. So we need to make bigger fines to make sure that those employers who violate the law are being held accountable.” I guess it could work. If you make “bigger fines” the law, it will […]

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NAACP taking attack on the South to the next level

When Nikki Haley, the RINO Republican governor of South Carolina, caved to demands by politically-correct extremists and their attempts to rewrite the history of the South and the Confederate flag, a promise was made that this would bring “unity” to a divided country. But alas, as is always the case when dealing with the PC-Left, nothing is over until they say it’s over. Instead of putting the fire out, her actions have helped to fuel the blaze as it spreads across the rest of the South. Richard Rose, the president of the Atlanta NAACP (or should that be NAAPC?), is calling for all Confederate symbols to be removed from all government-owned property and plans to pursue making those changes during the next legislative session; a demand that includes a call to sand blast a giant carving of three military heroes of the South memorialized at Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain Park features the largest relief sculpture in the world, and features: Jefferson Davis, who was president of the Confederacy, General Robert E. Lee, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. And even though it is the most recognizable tribute to the Confederacy, Rose’s demand to remove flags and memorials extends to all state […]

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State Supreme Courts can reverse SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling

As I wrote a few days ago, recent actions by the federal government are chipping away at our constitutional rights. As serious as that threat has become, there are signs that people are waking up to those rights and how they can be used to stem the tide of tyranny. The Alabama Supreme Court has been petitioned to consider the damage done to the states and the U.S. Constitution by the Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case that legalized same-sex marriage before it determines how the ruling will apply to Alabama. The Liberty Counsel filed a brief arguing that there is precedent in the United States for a state Supreme Court to reject a “U.S. Supreme Court mandate which is unlawful.” Alabama has been involved in the marriage fight ever since they defied a federal judge’s order to impose same-sex marriage, arguing that its own interpretation of the Constitution was just as valid. “There is existing precedent for a state’s highest court to reject an unlawful mandate from the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Liberty Counsel’s founder and chairman, Mat Staver. “The hope of our constitutional Republic rests upon state officials and American citizens who will refuse to […]

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How should Christians react to same-sex marriage?

Since Obergefell v. Hodges concluded, we’ve seen a rampant uptick of opinions from Christians and those in support of same-sex “marriage.” Just Google “same-sex marriage opinions,” and you can browse through all 18 million hits. But something has been left out of the equation. Through all the defense and counter articles from each side, I haven’t really seen many Christian resources putting the burden back on the alphabet community. We should provide a strong shield from the Word of God, but there are some questions I’d like to ask the LGBT collection. First of all, if you truly believe in love, and really feel the decision to force states to license same-sex marriages is justifiable because of how you feel about someone, why can’t Christians follow the teachings by someone we love? Christians love Jesus, yet we are told by you that we can’t exercise that love outside of the church. And if we advocated that your keep your same-sex love in your house, we’d be called intolerant, while getting accused of forcing our morals on you. Secondly, if it’s only about love to you, then why do you need the government to recognize the relationship? For the tax benefits? […]

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