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Obama’s Gestapo is going global

  If you’re a regular reader of The Strident Conservative (or listener on KLZ560 at 3pm Mountain), you know that I have commented extensively on actions taken by Obama and the Democrats to create a new form of Gestapo in America. Along with the use of race-baiting following the events in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD., Obama has established a set of policies that are making it possible for him to create a national police force, just as he indicated he would do as a candidate in 2008. Well fasten your seat belts America! Obama and the United Nations are taking this idea global! Last week, Attorney General Loretta “Holder 2.0” Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a new law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe. If created, the SCN would essentially override America law, including our Constitutional rights, in favor of a set of laws originating from UN. As with most of Obama’s “transformation of America” ideas, since this initiative is being launched independent of the White House or any other part of the administration, this will be […]

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Politics: The Oregon shooting and Benghazi connection

Following the deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, Obama wasted no time turning the incident into another opportunity to take aim at the Constitution. Appearing before the media—instead of fundraising and playing golf as is his custom following a national tragedy—Obama made it clear that this tragedy could have been prevented if not for the National Rifle Association and the gun lobbyists getting in the way of the his desire to disarm America. Using the classic “thoughts and prayers” line he conveniently uses when acting like he really thinks and prays, Obama let the rhetoric fly: “As I said just a few months ago, and I said just a few months before that, and I said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” After accepting the idea that shootings such as this one are often committed by the mentally ill, Obama continued with another practice he likes to engage in when presenting himself as the expert of all things—making stuff up to make it appear as if he really knows what he’s talking about: “…We are not the only country on Earth who has people with mental illnesses […]

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The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 10-2-2015

This Week On The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program: Time To Shake Up The Norm More Interactive, More Discussion, More Subjects Adult Themes Will Be Discussed. Adult Language May/ Will Be Used. You have been warned!!!!! Join The Panel: @reactionariez @goochzilla … Continue reading

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Alice in Washington Wonderland

Government bureaucracies overwhelm our society today like locusts swarming over amber fields. Oppressive taxes stultify our waking hours from teen to twilight years. And the odorous rot of corruption eats away at even the honorable pillars of Washington as drab Machiavellians extend the tentacles of government everywhere. Yet despite such unbearable intrusiveness, our establishment pundits remain blithely impervious to the outrage of it all. We are told by prominent foundation scholars that our nation is headed toward an “unlimited future of economic prosperity and social justice in a new world order of triumphant Americanism.” We are informed by Democratic savants in face of populist unrest in the heartland that “Americans don’t want less government, only more efficient government,” and by Republican schemers that “a spirit of bipartisanship rather than radical reduction of government is needed.” Such are the illusions of today’s smarmy Demopublicans and slick political operatives, so ensconced in Beltway celebrity and egalitarian sophistries that they are incapable of seeing the most obvious facts of historical reality. These government zealots have lived in, or catered to, Alice’s Washington Wonderland for so long and have become so emotionally committed over the years to its siren call of collectivism, that it […]

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Wasted away again in Obamaville

It’s time for all Americans to come face-to-face with a truth that all but the woefully ignorant and the intentionally ignorant are, at least to some degree, aware of. The United States of America has become “Barack’s World”, and the rest of us are just living in it. The President of the United States is about one thing and one thing only – bringing about the kind of “change(s)” HE feels this nation needs. And if you, I, the Tea Partiers, the Democrats, the Israelis, opinion polls, the Supreme Court or anybody else doesn’t like it… tough! Sadly, in 2008 when he ran on the campaign slogan of “Hope and Change” far too many Americans never asked the obvious questions; what do we need to change, why do we need to change it, and what do we change to? You can’t just “change.” Change implies becoming something else – what do we need to become? Many, seeing the opportunity to make history, never asked these questions let alone worried about the answers. We’re now finding out. This President is motivated not by a desire to represent the people but by ideology and a drive to remake America into something more […]

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Agenda 2030: The UN plan for global socialism

To the sound of thundering applause, the United Nations launched their plot to impose global socialism on the inhabitants of planet earth with the release of Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a document accepted by every one of the 193 member nations. The 17 so-called “Sustainable Development Goals” in the official document essentially serve as the recipe for global socialism and corporatism. For example, one goal calls on the UN, national governments, and every person on planet Earth to “reduce inequality within and among countries” which can only be achieved “if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed.” Hmm… wealth redistribution. Now where have I heard that before? UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon provided an indication as to how far-reaching and extreme the plot truly is: “The new agenda is a promise by leaders to all people everywhere. It is a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world.” The initial target of the UN’s plan will be the children as they devote their efforts to transform them into an army of “agents of change”: “Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform […]

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