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Obama Gestapo one step closer to reality

Do you remember in 2008 when then-candidate Obama said this? In an administration replete with broken promises, this one appears to be one Obama intends to keep. As I have documented in the past, Obama has been arming the federal government at war-like levels, and the militarization of the civilian police has been in overdrive since he was sworn in. From tanks to electronic surveillance equipment that makes it possible for police to see inside your home without entering it, it appears that the “equipping” part of the equation is nearing completion. So now it’s time to launch the next phase of Obama’s plan for federal control of civilian police. The Department of Justice announced that it has selected six U.S. cities to serve as pilot sites, to develop and deploy federal guidance for local police to create better procedures, reduce racial bias, and regain citizens’ trust. It will use taxpayer dollars to deploy “experts” and “researchers” charged with training officers to act in a manner that the DOJ deems “just.” Translation? They will do exactly what Obama wants done. Why is this so troubling? Well, it was within the first 100 days of Obama’s new administration that Janet Napolitano released her […]

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Obama’s Yemen fiasco another reason he should be impeached

A short month ago, in February, as al-Qaida-allied Islamist militants rampaged through the streets of the capital of Yemen, the Obama administration ordered the Marine guards at our embassy to destroy their weapons and flee the country on civilian aircraft. The Marines were even ordered to destroy their personal side arms at the airport, as the embassy and a dozen embassy vehicles were abandoned to the militants. This humiliating retreat and this violation of the Marines’ military code of conduct was ordered by the Obama White House as a part of the rapid evacuation of all U.S. employees from the embassy and the city itself. Think about it. The Obama White House and Obama’s Pentagon and State Department appointees ordered the United States Marines to “stand down.” Our Marines were ordered to flee and to abandon their weapons, even though the U.S. Navy had forces available a short distance away in the Red Sea that could have come to the aid of the Marine detachment at the embassy. In the wake of this February fiasco, we are left to ask this question: Which is more deplorable and more significant for the fate of our nation, that we abandoned an ally […]

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Obama wants “Vote or Die” to become law

As time goes by, I’m more and more convinced that if Obama really did teach the Constitution in college, he didn’t do so in order to learn how to live by it. I’m certain that his area of expertise on the Constitution is finding ways to beat the document that he once said was a document of “negative liberties.” Obamacare. Executive amnesty for illegal aliens. The Environmental Protection Agency. The Federal Communications Commission. These are just a few of the examples that clearly demonstrate Obama’s love of mandates. Recently, he did it again during a speech in Cleveland, OH. when he shared his desire that the U.S. make voting mandatory. “Other countries have mandatory voting. It would be transformative if everybody voted. That would counteract money more than anything. The people who tend not to vote are young, they’re lower-income, they’re skewed more heavily toward immigrant groups and minorities. There’s a reason wy some folks try to keep them away from the polls.” Did you notice the not-so-subtle references to class warfare and racism? Seems to me if this was such a great idea he could come up with some new material. Don’t you think? Indirectly, this would actually be […]

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GOP tells Obama not to raise taxes using executive action

A few weeks ago I shared with you how Obama was making plans to raise taxes via executive action in order to bypass Congress and avoid that pesky Constitution. Well, the Republicans have finally responded. In a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan called on Obama to work with Congress. The two Republicans warned that unilateral action on taxes would be “a mistake, both constitutionally and politically.” Both constitutionally AND politically? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the “constitutionally” part of the equation enough? I really don’t care about the politics of the situation when the Constitution is being shredded. Ryan and Hatch also warned Obama that acting unilaterally could hurt the economy and thwart any chance of a lasting deal that could be achieved with Congress. Thwart the chance of losing a deal with Congress? I bet Obama will lose a lot of sleep over that one. Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership in the House and Senate—John Boehner and Mitch McConnell—are members in the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame. Interestingly, some of the reasons for their enshrinement include compromising on taxes and spending. So […]

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The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 3-20-2015

This Week On The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program: And We Lived……. Adult Themes Will Be Discussed. Adult Language May/ Will Be Used. You have been warned!!!!! Join The Panel: @luchadora41 @noway90 @smokie_tx @reactionariez Alternate Feed Here:

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Oklahoma lawmaker favors Hitler-styled treatment of Christian businesses

In the 1930’s, Nazi Germany required Jewish-owned businesses to register with the German government in order to identify them for a takeover by the Nazis. This eventually led to a series of anti-Jewish regulations and decrees depriving Jews of their property rights. Of course, we know how that ended. Based on her recent actions, I’m thinking that this story is a favorite of Oklahoma state Rep. Emily Virgin (D). In a move that sounds a bit like Nazi Germany, she wants to pass a law that requires Christian businesses to post a public notice of discrimination if they intend to refuse service to lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgendered people for religious reasons. After state Rep. Chuck Strohm (R) introduced the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act (HB1371), which would allow businesses like wedding cake bakers and photographers to deny services due to personal religious beliefs—state Senator Joseph Silk (R) introduced a similar bill in the Oklahoma Senate—Virgin proposed an amendment that would make even Houston Mayor Annise Parker proud: Any person not wanting to participate in any of the activities set forth in subsection A of this section based on sexual orientation, gender identity or race of either party to the marriage shall post notice of such refusal in a manner clearly visible […]

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