When Donald Trump Speaks, Entirely Different People Listen

When you compare the better known lines of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, they may sound similar. But they aren’t. We have eight full years of Obama’s …

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Democrats re-elect a loser

If I got paid $10 for each article I’ve read throughout the years that talked about Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising abilities, I’d be rich. This article mentions it again by saying “Few can match Pelosi as a fundraiser. She is herself the ninth wealthiest member of Congress, a resident of ‘billionaires’ row,’ and is tapped into […]

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20,000,000 Americans, Part II

In Part I, I wrote that Jonathan Gruber was fearmongering by insisting that 20,000,000 Americans would lose their health insurance if the ACA was repealed. Specifically, Dr. Gruber said “Twenty million Americans have gained insurance coverage, and millions more would be covered if recalcitrant states had fully embraced the law rather than resisting out of […]

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100 Days and Firing Squads

In case you missed it, PE Trump called a meeting with some of the major media figures and unloaded some truth on them. Needless to say, they didn’t like it. Well, one gets to lie in the bed one makes, and Trump, like many of us, is apparently tired of being lied about. Bill Whittle […]

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Dems’ biggest big picture problem

Salena Zito’s latest column deals with the Democrats’ problems connecting with voters. In the article, she quotes “Bruce Haynes, founding partner of Purple Strategies, and a GOP strategist.” Haynes is right in stating that the Democrats’ “challenge is they have lost their connection with the American voter. In short, they have a macro problem.” Haynes […]

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Jeff Sessions, existential threat

Stephen Dinan’s article highlights how little leverage Democrats have in the immigration reform debate. Without writing a single new law, Sen. Sessions will be able to pressure mayors of sanctuary cities. As a result, Sen. Sessions’ opponents are coming unhinged. For instance, Brent Wilkes, the executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, […]

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