The Super Bowl and Marginal Tax Rates

When I give speeches in favor of tax reform, I argue for policies such as the flat tax on the basis of both ethics and economics. The ethical argument is about the desire for a fair system that neither punishes people for being productive nor rewards them for being politically powerful. As is etched above […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

So for the 50th time, it’s Super Bowl Sunday in America, and around the world. Might be a good game, occasionally it is (for whatever your definition of good is). Best one I ever saw was Super Bowl XX: daBears against the Pats, about which it was said, “If they don’t score, we can’t lose”. […]

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Playing the political game

Part of the problem with politics, highlighted in Neo’s posts this week, is that frankly most decent people don’t want to touch it, and those that do tend to be tarred by the pitch they have touched. It takes a very strong character to resist the temptation, a thick skin to bear the slings and […]

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Educating Congress and Debunking the White House on the Debt Limit

Whenever there’s a fight over raising the debt limit, the political establishment gets hysterical and makes apocalyptic claims about default and economic crisis. For years, I’ve been arguing that this Chicken-Little rhetoric is absurd. And earlier this week I testified about this issue before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee. […]

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Virtuous Reality Specs

Heh! This is from England, but I’m very sure you’ll recognize the symptoms and easily be able to substitute the appropriate Americans. Zika, who cares (yet anyway), this is really dangerous! If you think today’s violent porno online culture is corrupting our kids, wait until you see what’s coming next. Games involving extreme violence, murder, […]

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More Arguments against the Value-Added Tax

The left is very clever about accepting “compromise,” so long as the result is a larger burden of government. This is one of the reasons why I’m so concerned about Senator Cruz’s proposal for a value-added tax. Even though he wants a VAT for good reasons (to finance lower tax rates and also to reduce […]

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