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Why Confront Islamism?

Originally posted on The Conservative Citizen:
-By Amil Imani – ? Seven years ago I wrote an op-ed, explaining why it is urgent that we confront Islamism. Seven years later, the entire world is in complete Islamic hell. With each passing day, Islam gains more power. The lesson is clear. Beware of the “Useful Idiots”…

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Sheep, Shepherds, and Wolves

Much has been said this week, some of it here, about ISIS and the Christians of Mosul. It is right for us to weep, and gnash our teeth over the fate that is overtaking our brothers and sisters. Many of us lay much of the blame at the feet of our politicians, I think that […]

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The audacity to aim for a new apogee The audacity of a civilized people to defend themselves. Make no mistake, the IDF is on the front line, in defense of all civilized people, for truly There are barbarians at the gates. I have been told that the friend of a friend, a young woman who, […]

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Islam’s War on Women

Good News First I would guess you remember Meriam Ibrahim. She’s the 27 year old Sudanese, married to an American, who gave birth a few weeks ago while shackled in a Sudanese prison. That sentence was averted some time ago but she was denied permission to leave the country. Yesterday after belated efforts by the […]

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The Bear is Loose

#166038704 / I suppose you’ve heard, the President has taken to Twitting, uh sorry, Tweeting, “The Bear is Loose” when he supposedly sneaks out on the Secret Service to go have a burger with his prepositioned worshipers. It’s not only pretty sophomoric but also pretty transparent but, I suppose it’s more fun than presidentin’, especially […]

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For the First Time in the History of Iraq, Mosul is Now Empty of Christians

One of the most horrific stories to come out of the ISIS conquest of central Iraq is the story of the Christians in Mosul (and the rest of the conquered area). There is no good parts of this story. Mafqud wa-Mawjud tells us some of the history of Christianity in the area. If you aren’t […]

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