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Petit Tyrants

Holy Week Reading List

This is nearly a duplicate of the post I have up at All Along the Watchtower, and it’s here for the same reason. it’s here to give you a bit of insight as to the posts that follow for Holy Week I was thinking about what I would write for Easter this year, and I […]

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Liberty, Morality, and Discrimination

When describing their view of government and public policy, libertarians and constitutional conservatives sometimes use a variation of this phrase: “Not everything that’s illegal is immoral, and not everything that’s immoral should be illegal.” To put this in tangible terms, consider the fact that the EPA has penalized people who build ponds on their own […]

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Dihydrogen Monoxide – The Truth

We’ve spoken about this menace before but no action has been taken. I think that’s highly irresponsible! This is dangerous stuff, we need to ban it, it’s killed far more people than DDT ever did. The Truth about DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is perhaps the single most prevalent of all chemicals that can be […]

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Bill Clinton and the Retroactive Application of Mitchell’s Golden Rule

It’s amazingly simple to reduce the burden of government spending. Policy makers simply need to impose some modest spending restraint so that government doesn’t grow faster than the economy’s productive sector. In a display of humility that can only be found in Washington, DC, I call this Mitchell’s Golden Rule. And, amazingly, even the International […]

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The New Intolerance

I very much want you to read the linked article, it puts thing in perspective exactly as they are, and I think it does a good job of tracing the course as well. It is written from a Catholic/Christian perspective but in reality, this is a problem for all who care about the poor, the […]

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The King ( No Longer) in the Parking Lot

Jessica and I have written quite a little about this story starting way back in September of 2012 here, and then here and here as well as the article that forms the basis of this one, and closes the series. because last Thursday King Richard III, the loser at Bosworth field and the last Plantagenet King was […]

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