Saturday Stuff

A couple for you today, just because.

Pretty picky, I’d say, but then so am I, I suppose

For a Wife…
Great good nature, and a prudent generosity,
A lively look, a proper spirit, and a cheerful disposition
A good person, but not perfectly beautiful.
Of a moderate height.
With regard to complexion, not quite fair, but a little brown.
Young by all means, though there are exceptions.
A decent share of common sense, just tinctured with a little seasonable repartee, and a small modicum of wit; some learning, enough to make leisure hours agreeable, but not to interrupt domestic duties.
Well, but not critically, skilled in her own tongue.
No deficiency in spelling or pointing, and a good legible hand.
A proper knowledge of accounts and arithmetic, but no skill in vulgar fractions.
A more than tolerable good voice, and a little ear for music; and a capability for singing a canzonet, or a song, in company, but no peculiar and intimate acquaintance with minims, crotchets, quavers, &c.

via Qualifications for A Georgian Wife or Husband, do read it all.

Then perhaps a little Lutheran Satire.

Makes sense to me.

Authored By nebraskaenergyobserver

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