Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and a hangar in Pakistan (or Iran)! (Video)

My theory still stands that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is in a hangar somewhere in Iran or Pakistan!

Some thoughts:

  • Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country which in and of itself is not an indictment but an observation that may likely be relevant,
  • It would seem to any thinking man that a hijacked plane would either be flown into some target, land in some other country or be crashed immediately and not flown for hours only to run out of gas,
  • No debris of any kind has been found,
  • Two Iranians traveling with fake passports were coincidently on board,
  • The Malaysian government stonewalled and provided incomplete and in some cases incorrect information,
  • Malaysia is not unfriendly with Iran and has a warm relationship with Pakistan.

Let’s get Zoolander for a full-scale interrogation of the Prime Minister of Malaysia!


Authored By The Political Commentator

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