The politics of chaos


To think it was only a few months ago the British were shaking their heads sadly and wondering how on earth it had come about that America, the greatest country on earth, was facing a choice for President between a permatanned mogul with a comb over and a woman who couldn’t even sort her emails or recognise truth from fiction! How times change. Now, thanks to asking the voters a silly question, and them giving a silly answer, we’ve declined from the fifth to the sixth largest economy in  the world in two weeks, sterling is at par with a brass washer, and we are in political turmoil.

Of the leading Brexiteers, Nigel Farage has retired to spend more time in Europe (or something), Boris Johnson was knifed in the back by his friend Michael Gove, at the same time Gove managed to shoot himself in the head. It’s like the last scene in Hamlet, just about everyone is dead. That leaves only a woman no one had heard of a few weeks go, called Leadsom, who may or may not have been a prominent banker, but whose resume says she was, even if no one can remember her, and who seems to think that only those who are mothers have a real stake in the country. Oh, and she’s never been a Cabinet Minister. Obviously just the person to undertake the herculean task of disentangling us from the EU – well, at least if she gets it, she’ll be the one Brexiteer having to face the music. By ‘it’ I mean the premiership. Yes, thanks to the peculiarities of our political system here, the next Prime Minister will be chosen by about 140,000 members of one party – average age over 55. Perhaps they haven’t heard what most voters think of ex-bankers with dodgy resumes? Perhaps they are all bankers with dodgy resumes? Who knows?

Facing this ingenue in the lists is Theresa May, ‘a bloody difficult woman’ according to one of her former colleagues; well I warmed to her at that, I have to say, being one myself. But it appears not to be difficult to spot the difference between Mrs May and a ray of sunshine, and she appears to have to charism of a carrot. She also wanted to spy on our emails and failed to restrict immigration – oh, and she (sort of) campaigned for ‘remain’, so is clearly ideally placed to lead us in the opposite direction. I wish I was making it up – but you really couldn’t.

[And just before this was due to be published, we hear that Mrs Leadsom has had a rush of common sense, or realises how hopelessly ill-equipped she is, as she has pulled out of the race – goodness me – those of us with jobs have trouble keeping up!]

Meanwhile, in my bailiwick, Scotland, the UK Independence Party has given a mighty boost to breaking up the UK by allowing the Scottish Nationalists to bank on about yet another referendum on Independence – because, of course, there was one only just over a year ago and it didn’t give them the answer they want – but hey, referenda come and go – perhaps we should make them an annual event?

In the meantime, sensing that the Tory Party might be in meltdown, the Labour Party decided that instead of opposing it, they would oppose each other – might as well attack those you really hate. Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a Bernie Sanders tribute act, is disliked and distrusted by so many of his MPs he can’t find enough of them to nominate him if there is a challenge; but, being a goof socialist, he will sue his own party if they don’t let him stand again. His opponents, meanwhile, have spent two weeks dithering about whether to actually put up a candidate against him – and have finally done so. During this period more than 100,000 youngsters, most of them further to the left than Bernie Sanders, have joined the ‘Labour’ party to support the Bernie tribute act. File under ‘you couldn’t make it up’ – what’s that, we need a new filing cabinet?

See what I meant about changing times?

Authored By nebraskaenergyobserver

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