Top 5 new jobs for Martin Bashir

Luigi Novi (CC)

Luigi Novi (CC)

So, we’re all sad to hear that Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC. Whatever will he do with himself? Well, here’s a handful of suggestions for the beleaguered Bashir for his future endeavors:

5. Al-Jazeera America – Would have suggested Current, but Al Gore had to sell that store.

4. Organizing For America – Sure, he’s crass, but that’s never stopped anyone else from joining Obama’s perpetual campaign machine. He should fit right in!

3. HuffPost Live – Isn’t everyone else tired of seeing the young “anchors” there? Bashir could be the token old fogey there, or something…

2. UpWorthy – It’s the home of collective viral media, but it might not be a bad idea. Maybe Bashir could use some time off from being in front of the camera, and do a little behind the scenes work. After what he said about Sarah Palin, it should be obvious that he has a firm grasp on what is going on in the typical liberal mind!

1. Kurt Schlichter’s Latte Boy – Admittedly, this is a suggestion from Joe Brenneman, but it’s still brilliant! (Honestly, this is probably a little above Bashir’s pay grade, though!)

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