Stein mouthpiece vs. Carlson

When Tucker Carlson interviewed David Cobb, Jill Stein’s campaign manager, about the Wisconsin recount, it quickly turned into a bad joke. Early in the interview, Cobb said that “most importantly, Tucker, what we’re seeing is voting systems that can’t be trusted. What we see is the use of technology that is highly problematic that have been proven to be hacked by security experts so all we’re asking for is a recount in order to confidence in the integrity of the election results.”

Later in the interview, Carlson asked “what is the core justification for putting the country through this”? Cobb replied “Well, what I’m telling you is that there is a legal right to secure confidence in the integrity of the election results. Recounts a very good way to do that.”

Some important points need to be highlighted at this point. First, other than a handful of nutjobs in the Green Party, nobody thinks that the voting systems employed in Wisconsin aren’t trustworthy. That’s verified by the fact that the other political parties didn’t mention election malfeasance or outright hacking. Next, the Wisconsin recount law should require eyewitness testimony that they saw election irregularities. During the interview, Cobb made clear that their complaint was based on professorial testimony saying that malfeasance was “possible.”

Third, recounts shouldn’t be granted if they’re the political equivalent of a fishing expedition. If the police asked a judge for a search warrant of a person of interest’s apartment based on a hunch, which is what Dr. Stein is doing, the judge would tell the detectives to return when they had more than a hunch.

Cobb’s pretending to be worried about election integrity. That’s dishonest. What thoughtful person thinks that possible misfeasance is justification for a recount. It’s my recommendation that states tighten up their recount statutes ASAP.

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