Destroying Dems’ talking points

I normally don’t talk about the things posted in the comments sections of articles but I’m making an exception in this instance because the comment uses one of the Democrats’ frequent talking points. The subject of the LTE is a bailout of insurance companies by the Obama administration. The comment, though, starts by saying “Most of the world has affordable health care, but not the USA, the wealthiest nation in the world. … Yes, there are issues with the ACA, but it could be fixed, but I guess these same groups have no souls or compassion…just that evil selfishness that cares nothing for anyone else.”

First, the ACA isn’t affordable. That’s why voters rejected Democrats on Nov. 8. It’s a major reason why Mrs. Clinton was defeated. It’s the biggest reason why Democrats didn’t regain their majority in the US Senate. It’s why Republicans flipped the Minnesota Senate. It’s why people are calling for a special session. Next, while there are a few worthwhile features in the ACA, the fundamental principles that it was built on aren’t sustainable. That’s why the ACA was written to include a bailout for insurance companies. The administration anticipated that the insurance companies would lose money. The insurance companies anticipated that, too. That’s why they insisted on writing that provision into the bill before they’d support it.

Third, the US had the best health care system in the world prior to implementing the ACA. A whopping 85% of people who had insurance were happy with their plan. That’s why people were furious when Obama’s promise of keeping their doctor was broken. Some improvements were needed. Specifically, we needed to make sure people with pre-existing conditions could buy reasonably priced health insurance. Minnesota had a fantastic system with MCHA. Minnesota’s effective insured rate prior to Obamacare was 96.5%.

Fourth and most importantly, prior to the ACA, Minnesotans could actually afford to use their health care. What person can afford $3,300 a month premiums, then pay $13,000 in deductibles before the insurance company spends a penny? That’s the system that Democrats gave us. That isn’t affordable health care. That’s expensive, drive-you-to-bankruptcy health care.

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