The first Trump-Schumer fight?

This morning, I wrote this post highlighting the leverage a Trump administration will have over Democrats on immigration. I quoted Byron York’s column, especially citing immigration laws already on the books that can simply be enforced.

By just enforcing the laws on the books, the Trump administration can dramatically cut illegal immigration. While I was writing that post, Sen. Schumer was getting interviewed by Chris Wallace. When the subject of a border wall came up, Schumer took a hardline position, saying “this idea of a wall, we already passed — John McCain and Chuck Schumer, bipartisan, an immigration bill that was comprehensive, that did a lot and was much tougher on the border than a wall would be.”

Wallace jumped in, saying “what he’s saying, Senator, is secure the border first, build the wall and then you can start worrying about immigration reform.” Sen. Schumer replied “No. Put it all together.”

Here’s the rest of the exchange:

WALLACE: And if he says wall first?
SCHUMER: We’ll say do it all. If we were to just do the wall, we’d never get the rest. It’s got to be all together.

Sen. Schumer is playing a weak hand very poorly. If Sen. Schumer opposes the Trump immigration plan, Trump might start tightening the screws on border enforcement, at which point Schumer loses his leverage. That’s because the majority of people who want immigration fixed first want the borders fixed.

If Sen. Schumer plays hardball on immigration, which I think special interest organizations like La Raza force him into, Democrats will be on the losing side of the immigration issue. Going into the 2018 midterms, that’s a politically difficult position. Picture Democratic senators defending illegal immigration in red states. If you can picture that, then picture most of those Democratic senators losing in 2018, too, because that’s what will happen.

A similar fate awaits Sen. Schumer on the ACA:

WALLACE: So, this is a kumbaya moment here we’re talking about.
SCHUMER: No, because there are many issues where we’ll oppose him tooth and nail. When he goes against our values, goes with special interests. Let me give you three right off the bat.
He’s going to try to repeal ACA, he won’t be able to do it.
WALLACE: Obamacare.
SCHUMER: Obamacare.
He won’t be able to do it, because now even he, after his meeting with President Obama, said, “Oh, I want to keep the good things.” Well, you can’t keep the good things without keeping ACA.

If Sen. Schumer wants to stand in the way of fixing the ACA, Republicans should welcome that. The skyrocketing premiums are the biggest reason why blue collar workers ditched the Democrats. Democrats defending the ACA status quo is political suicide. If Schumer forces Democrats to filibuster the ACA, that will be the start of Republicans gaining momentum for the 2018 midterms.

Sen. Schumer isn’t this stupid. I think he’s just trying to sound tough before giving in.

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