Explaining MNsure’s enrollment

This Strib article highlights the fast rate that people are signing up for health insurance during this year’s open enrollment period. According to the Strib’s article, “Shoppers have been scrambling because of enrollment caps that regulators granted most insurers as an emergency measure to help them prevent further financial losses.”

This isn’t a success story that the DFL should be touting. It’s verification that capping the number of policies that each of the insurance carriers would be expected to sell would inevitably lead to some getting stuck with Blue Plus health insurance policies. It’s widely known that Blue Plus policies are the most expensive policies with the narrowest networks. Those caps were granted because “as an emergency measure to help them prevent further financial losses.”

The system is deeply flawed. The networks in outstate Minnesota are limited. Insurance options are, too. Altogether too often, people are forced out of using the hospitals, doctors and clinics in their cities while using hospitals and clinics 50+ miles away. That’s immoral. It’s potentially life-threatening, too.

A significant portion of the policies getting sold carry the price tag of a Cadillac plan but the high deductibles of a catastrophic policy. Put differently, people in Minnesota and across the nation are too often paying high prices for little coverage. What’s worse is that the Obama administration is forcing families into this situation with the individual mandate.

The system needs to be scrapped ASAP. There are features that should be part of what replaces the ACA. It’s entirely possible to phase out the onerous parts of the ACA while phasing in the patient-centric parts of whatever replaces the ACA. Here’s hoping that the DFL locally and Democrats in DC don’t stand in the way of getting good health care.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog