Jeff Sessions: Trump’s AG?

This article reports that Donald Trump has asked Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-AL), to be his attorney general. The report’s opening paragraph states “President-elect Trump has decided he wants Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general in his new administration, according to multiple reports.” The next paragraph reports that CBS News first reported it in this article.

CBS is reporting that the “choice of Sessions to be the nation’s top prosecutor is sure to be controversial. Sessions has been one of Mr. Trump’s closest and most consistent allies. But when Sessions faced Senate confirmation for a job 30 years ago, it didn’t go well.”

Democrats have to pick their fights wisely so it isn’t a foregone conclusion that they’ll give Sen. Sessions a difficult time. If they object too vehemently, Republicans could make the Democrats’ life in the minority for the next 4 years (and probably longer) difficult. New incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer might want to save his political capital for a fight he’s got a chance of winning. Sen. Schumer has to know that Sen. Sessions is someone that President Trump would fight for. History isn’t filled with incoming presidents not getting their national security picks confirmed.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog