DFL stupidity personified

If LFR gave out awards for DFL stupidity, Duluth Rep. Jennifer Schultz would definitely have a shot at winning this week’s award. This article is proof of that accusation. First, a little background is required. Blue Cross-Blue Shield Minnesota dropped the Integrity Health Network from BCBS’s network. This is puzzling because their clinics are some of the highest quality clinics and most reasonably priced clinics in Minnesota. But I digress. Let’s look at what Rep. Schultz said that puts her in the running for this week’s award.

According to the article, “state Rep. Jennifer Schultz, DFL-Duluth, who was aware of the situation, said there’s little, if anything, that state government can do. State regulations require the insurer to have adequate coverage in the areas they serve, she said. But as long as Blue Cross Blue Shield meets those requirements, there’s nothing the Legislature can do to prevent them from dropping providers.”

What a dipstick. Of course, there’s nothing government can do to tell a private company that they have to include specific companies in their health networks. That isn’t the same as saying that Republicans are hypocrites, which is essentially what she said in this statement:

“A lot of these folks … complain about too much government regulation,” Schultz said. “And here they’re asking: What can the government do? We can’t. … If you want the private markets to work, this is what happens in private markets.”

What type of dipstick thinks that’s what Republicans are talking about? House Taxes Chair Greg Davids wants to expand Minnesotans’ networks by giving them the ability to afford purchasing health care outside of the insurance companies’ networks. That isn’t regulations. That’s changing tax policies to help Minnesota families. Rewriting Minnesota tax policy to allow for HSAs might help. Other remedies might work, too.

If this is true, BCBS Minnesota isn’t being honest:

“And when you call customer service, Blue Cross Blue Shield representatives are telling their patients that absolutely we’re in network for 2017,” Shelton said. “But what they’re not telling us is that they may only be in network for one month. And at that point, they will not have the opportunity to change their insurance.”

BCBS needs to update their customers if they’re misleading them like this. At this point, it’s just an allegation. If this becomes verified information, BCBS needs to be punished.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog