Gov. Dayton’s MNsure fearmongering

This article highlights the difficult position Gov. Dayton and the DFL painted themselves into when they created MNsure while enthusiastically praising the ACA. Now that health insurance premiums sold on the individual market have increased by up to 67% this year after increasing by up to 54% last year, it isn’t difficult convincing Minnesota farmers that they need something different. They’re already demanding change.

Gov. Dayton is attempting to sound tough when he said “It’s a great political slogan. I think it had a major impact on some of the legislative races. But it’s another thing to deal with the reality of what you put in its place. They better look before they push us over the cliff.”

Gov. Dayton, quit with the fearmongering. Nobody’s talking about anything radical. In fact, Matt Dean, the chair of the House HHS Finance Committee and a member of the House HHS Reform Committee, “said Minnesota should replace the Affordable Care Act with its old approach, a high-risk pool to cover ill and expensive consumers who previously couldn’t get health insurance.” Before the ACA, Minnesota’s uninsured rate was 7.2% in 2007. Of those that didn’t have insurance, 50% of them were eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health insurance, meaning Minnesota’s effective uninsured rate was a spectacular 96.4%. I can’t wait to hear Gov. Dayton explain how maintaining a 96.4% insured rate is the equivalent of pushing people “over the cliff.” Then again, the Democrats’ Agenda Project shadow group, did put this disgustingly dishonest ad together:

With Democrats, the only thing we shouldn’t expect is them doing the right thing the first time.

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