Mapping this election

If pictures are worth 1,000 words each, then this election has given us a ton of words worth pondering. Before getting to the pictures, though, it’s important to establish a foundation for why these pictures happened. Victor Davis Hanson wrote this article, which explains, at least in part, why Hillary was doomed before the start.

Dr. Hanson correctly states “even as Obama left the Democrats with ideological and political detritus, he also had established an electoral calculus built on his own transformative identity that neither had coattails nor was transferrable to other candidates. Indeed, his hard-left positions on redistribution, social issues, sanctuary cities, amnesty, foreign policy, and spending would likely doom candidates other than himself who embraced them.” It doesn’t end there, though.

Dr. Hanson is right in stating “What then has the Democratic Party become other than a hard left and elite progressive force, which without Obama’s personal appeal to bloc-voting minorities, resonates with only about 40 percent of the country. The Democratic Party is now neither a centrist nor a coalition party.” This graphic helps illustrate Dr. Hanson’s point:

This graphic paints a bleak picture for the Sanders/Warren/Ellison wing of the Democratic Party:

It’s impossible to be a national party when you don’t control any levers of power in Washington, DC, especially when you control the governorship and legislature in only 2 states. Democrats hold only 15 governorships and 30 of the 99 legislative bodies (Nebraska is unicameral). It’s difficult to spin that into a picture of being a vibrant national party. That’s the picture of a decaying regional party at best.

These pictures illustrate the transformation Donald Trump brought to the GOP:

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