President Obama’s legacy?

Rich Lowry’s article highlights President Obama’s legacy. Saying that it’s a dismal legacy for Democrats is understatement. Lowry nailed it by noting “What was supposed to be the crowning political achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency set the predicate for the unraveling of his legacy. Since before he was elected president, Obama put down as a marker the transformational example of Ronald Reagan. That entailed moving the political center of gravity of the country in his direction; winning re-election; and cementing his standing by securing a de facto third term for a Democratic successor.”

That’s a good observation but he added to his opinion with substantive information when he wrote “His party has been devastated beneath him. It began in 2010, when Republicans took the House by winning 63 seats, the biggest pickup since 1948, and six seats in the Senate. In 2014, Republicans gained another 13 House seats and took control of the Senate. Democrats lost more than 900 state legislative seats in this period.”

The statistics in Lowry’s posts are true. Still, they don’t tell the story like this picture does:

Actually, this picture might be more devastating:

Then there’s this:

Results are still trickling in, but it looks like Republicans will still control an all-time high 69 of 99 state legislative chambers. They’ll hold at least 33 governorships, tying a 94-year-old record.
That means that come 2017, they’ll have total control of government in at least 25 states, and partial control in 20 states. According to population calculations by the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform, that translates to roughly 80 percent of the population living in a state either all or partially controlled by Republicans.

Word it whichever way you’d like. These statistics say the same thing. President Obama had a dramatic negative effect on the Democratic Party over the last 8 years.

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