It’s never Hillary’s fault?

According to this article, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are blaming her defeat on FBI Director Jim Comey. That isn’t surprising but it isn’t the truth, either.

According to the article, “Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other Clinton aides sought to provide explanations during a private conference call Thursday with supporters of the Democratic nominee for a loss that to many came out of nowhere. They were pressed on the call for answers and insight from supporters stung by the surprise loss. At one point on the call, Podesta noted that Comey is the guy ‘who we think may have cost us the election,’ according to one Clinton surrogate who relayed details about the call to The Hill.”

During a recent interview with Bret Baier, Trey Gowdy demolished Podesta’s arguments, saying that Jim Comey didn’t tell Hillary to use a private server. Nor did he tell Ms. Abedin not to turn over all of her emails. Chairman Gowdy finished, saying that “God knows that he didn’t tell Anthony Weiner to send sexually explicit texts to allegedly underage people.” This video tells the tale:

Hillary lost because she was the worst presidential candidate they’ve nominated since I started voting for presidents in 1976. Al Gore and John Kerry were terrible, too, but they didn’t have the ethical and potentially criminal baggage hanging over them like Hillary did.

Let’s be clear about something. Hillary would’ve lost this election by 8-12 points if not for the media’s propping her up for the last eighteen months of the campaign.

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