Gov. Dayton ignores geography

This article highlights how out-of-touch Gov. Dayton is. It says that Gov. Dayton thinks the 2011 government shutdown was the Republicans’ fault. It wasn’t. He said that Republicans were extremists in 2011. According to the AP article, “Though Dayton conceded Minnesota voters are divided and said he was willing to compromise when he’s outnumbered for a second time, he put the blame for 2011’s discord squarely on Republicans. ‘They were the extremists. They were unwilling to compromise,’ he said.”

During the 2012 campaign, DFL candidates insisted that they were moderates. Minnesotans voted to give the DFL legislative majorities in the House and Senate. In 2014, voters thoroughly rejected the DFL, restoring Republicans to the majority in the House. In 2016, the first time DFL senators were up for re-election since giving the DFL total control of St. Paul, voters dumped the DFL as the majority party in the Minnesota State Senate.

According to the article, “Dayton had urged voters to send him Democratic Legislature, the path of least resistance to his goal of expanding early education and metropolitan transit options for his final two years in office. Dayton said Wednesday that he knew a Democratic takeover of the House was a reach but that he expected to hold the Senate.” Think of 2016 as a total repudiation of Gov. Dayton’s agenda.
This video strongly suggests that Gov. Dayton will attempt to mischaracterize Republicans as extremists:

This portion of Gov. Dayton’s press availability lays the foundation for that belief:

GOV. DAYTON: Minnesotans are very narrowly divided. That was very clear in the vote for president, very clear in the vote for some of the contested congressional races. It was very clear in the vote for the Minnesota State Legislature. We are a closely divided electorate in Minnesota and across the nation. The question now for all of us who have the responsibility to lead is if we’re going to push those divides farther or are we going to do what we can to rise above them and to bring people together.

While this election’s results were tight mathematically, voters sent a clear message to politicians.

Nationally, President-Elect Trump tapped into what I’m calling rural frustration. Big city elitists essentially ignored people who worked in mines or built infrastructure. In Minnesota, the DFL minorities in the House and Senate are mostly from urban areas.

The DFL lost seats on the Range. Tom Saxhaug and Tom Anzelc, 2 longtime DFL stalwarts, got thumped. Anzelc lost by almost 2,500 votes. Saxhaug lost by 545 votes. The DFL lost seats in rural Minnesota in 2014. It’s indisputable that the DFL doesn’t understand rural Minnesota. It’s like the DFL thinks of Willmar, Alexandria, Brainerd and Marshall as foreign planets.

The summarization is simple. While Minnesotans are tightly divided numerically, they’re essentially divided geographically. As long as the Metrocrats dominate the DFL, that won’t change anytime soon.

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