Ezekiel Emanuel fights for Obamacare

Thursday night, Megyn Kelly interviewed Ezekiel Emanuel, whom she called “the architect of Obamacare.” Dr. Emanuel told several untruths, starting with his saying that “The Republicans keep talking about ‘repeal and replace’ but they’ve never given a credible bill that gets everyone insurance, including people who have pre-existing conditions at an affordable price.”

Based on a quote from this article, that’s BS. In the MPR article, University of Minnesota health policy expert Steve Parente is quoted as saying ” Rather than flat-out abolishing Obamacare, Parente thinks it’s more likely that Congress will lean toward House Speaker Paul Ryan’s reform proposal. That uses tax credits to help people cover the cost of their insurance. Under the Ryan proposal, Parente says it’s possible MNsure could survive because that plan allows for more state experimentation.”

That sounds like a proposal that would help people with pre-existing conditions get insured. While Emanuel apparently doesn’t like it, it’s certainly a credible plan. Later in the interview, Emanuel said “What they’re proposing are these high-risk pools, not just to have a number of people who are older or sicker, but to super-concentrate them to give them subsidized coverage at the state level. It’s about the most inefficient way of giving people insurance for just those 3,000,000 people in those high risk pools that costs $25,000,000,000 to pay for them. That is not a good proposal.”

Apparently, Dr. Parente thinks differently:

Another option would be to return to Minnesota’s insurance system prior to the ACA, he said, which includes the Minnesota Comprehensive Insurance Association. That program guaranteed coverage to people with expensive pre-existing conditions who were turned down in the private insurance market.

Let’s be clear about this. The architect of the ACA is lecturing us about what’s efficient and what isn’t. Dr. Emanuel’s credibility on this issue doesn’t exist.

Let’s stipulate that anyone who helped put the ACA together should be ignored in replacing the ACA. It’s the sane thing to do.

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