The MNsure debate just changed

The MNsure/individual market debate just changed dramatically. This article highlights what LFR has been talking about for more than a month.

The article starts by saying “Medica has hit its enrollment cap for those buying through the MNsure state-run exchange, meaning only one option for people in dozens of Greater Minnesota counties who want to switch to a new health plan.”

Prior to this, we’d heard about the caps that the Dayton administration approved. A month ago, the caps were an abstract concept. Now they’re reality. People in “Greater Minnesota” are hitting that brick wall. Then they’re being pushed into Blue Plus, the most expensive insurance option available in Minnesota. Blue Plus has the highest premiums, the biggest deductibles and the narrowest networks.

Think of Blue Plus as a catastrophic policy with Cadillac Plan premiums. Put differently, think of them as downright expensive.

This changes the MNsure discussion dramatically. This information means this isn’t just a discussion about rebates. It’s transforming the debate into other parts of the ACA. Things like insurance options, doctor accessibility and network size now are legitimate topics up for debate. Then there’s this:

Incoming Senate Majority Leader, Republican Paul Gazelka is pushing for “substantial reform” to deal with skyrocketing health insurance premiums. Gazelka says, “If we have Obamacare, then we have to repair this. I mean, that’s the obvious point. If we don’t, then we can go to something different.”

Here’s why Gov. Dayton likely will oppose GOP reform proposals:

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has been a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act — even though he did say before the election that is has become unaffordable.

With Hillary defeated, President Obama leaving office soon and the Democratic Party demoralized and disorganized, it isn’t a stretch to think that Democrats won’t be able to put up much of an argument. Still, Gov. Dayton still has the ability to veto legislation. It’s possible that he vetoes reform legislation because admitting that Republicans were right about the ACA/MNsure isn’t part of his nature.

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