Minnesota’s health care crisis

This op-ed by Peter Nelson, the “President and Senior Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment and a member of the Minnesota Health Care Financing Task Force”, highlights the fact that MNsure and the ACA are a disaster.

For instance, Nelson highlights the fact that residents “from Red Wing to Lake City to Wabasha to Winona already struggle with living in the highest cost region in the state. Yet for a family of four shopping through MNsure, the monthly premium cost of a benchmark plan (the second-lowest cost silver plan) will rise in 2017 by another 66 percent, from $1,136 to $1,883.” Unfortunately for Minnesotans, the bad news doesn’t stop there.

Another bit of bad news is that the “number of companies offering health plans in the area will drop from three to two, and the number of health plan choices will reduce by half from 30 to 15. But those health plan choices won’t be available to everyone. New enrollments in Medica health plans across the state are capped at 7,000 people to help limit financial risk and manage network capacity.” After that, the only options left are sold by Blue Plus:

When Medica’s caps are hit, choices for southeastern Minnesota residents will be limited to just three health plans offered by Blue Plus, and these choices will be costly. The monthly premium for a family of four will be $2,434 for the only remaining silver plan, an astounding 114 percent higher than the 2016 benchmark.

Higher premiums, tiny networks, fewer health insurance providers and sky-high deductibles identify this as a legitimate health care crisis.

When Sen. Gazelka was announced as Senate Majority Leader-Elect, he stated firmly that health care reform during the regular session had to include real reforms. He let it be known that rebates were part of the Senate Republicans’ plan but only part of the plan:

“Relief without reform will not get us where we need to go.”

Clearly, this crisis isn’t just about health insurance premiums. If the DFL isn’t prepared to do more than a temporary fix, they’ll earn the wrath of Minnesota voters. Republican Greg Davids has already put forward a plan that attempts to fix all of these problems. If the DFL or the Twin Cities media (pardon the repetition) question Republicans’ ability to govern, Republicans should throw their proposals in the DFL’s faces.

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