Gov. Dayton’s latest hissy fit

Ever since Republicans took control of Minnesota’s state House of Representatives, Gov. Dayton has thrown a hissy fit against Republicans pretty much every week. Based on this Strib article, it’s apparent that Gov. Dayton’s hissy fits will continue through the end of his administration.

In a sharply-worded letter to Speaker Daudt, Gov. Dayton said “I have not received a reply to this proposal from you or your Caucus. I left a voicemail message with you yesterday morning and have yet to receive a reply. (Your) press remarks … contained yet another round of the same pre-election attacks on MNsure, the Affordable Care Act, and me. That partisan political rhetoric is counter-productive.”

Apparently, Gov. Dayton is either getting absent-minded in his old age or he’s incredibly dishonest or a little of both. I wrote this post to highlight Greg Davids’ letter to the various committee chairs and ranking members as well as to House and Senate leadership of both parties. I wrote that post on Oct. 27. While it didn’t have legislative language, it was detailed enough to lay out Republicans’ priorities in fixing Minnesota’s health care system.

One part of Chairman Davids’ proposal deals with out-of-network expenses:

Create a tax credit to reduce out of-network-costs that arise from seeking care from a long-time primary care physician. Minnesotans were promised that if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor, but too many are losing their long-time doctors due to narrow networks. Continuity of care needs to be addressed to ensure that we do not lose sight of the importance of actual health care when we look at the problems with health insurance coverage.

Another part of Chairman Davids’ plan deals with expanding choices:

Allow Minnesotans to purchase non-qualified health plans (QHPs), and seek a federal waiver to waive tax penalties for those who purchase a non-QHP insurance plan. If the federal government will not approve the waiver, Minnesota should provide a rebate to cover the cost of the non-QHP penalty.

I suspect that it won’t take long for President-elect Trump to announce that he’s open to granting waivers to the ACA. I further expect it won’t take long for individual states to start taking advantage of those waivers. Chairman Davids’ ideas fit into President-Elect Trump’s plan of getting rid of the ACA.

Gov. Dayton needs to stop throwing these hissy fits. They’re unsightly, undignified and intellectually dishonest. It isn’t that Republicans haven’t made proposals to fix the crisis that Gov. Dayton and the DFL created. It’s that Gov. Dayton doesn’t like the Republicans’ proposal. Gov. Dayton doesn’t like the Republicans’ proposal because it’s forcing the DFL to admit that they got their biggest policy initiative of the last half-century wrong.’

Gov. Dayton, it’s time to stop throwing your hissy fits. It’s time to put your big boy pants on and admit that the DFL got health care reform wrong. If you don’t do that ASAP, expect a Republican to get elected as governor in 2018.

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