Bulldozing the Democrats’ Firewall

Tuesday night isn’t just about Trump unexpectedly defeating Mrs. Clinton, though that’s certainly part of the story. The story behind the headlines is that Trump took a bulldozer to the Democrats’ firewall while stealing part of the Democrats’ base. Because of that, the Democrats are left with the question of how to gain political relevance again.

Democrats have already started asking what’s next for their former juggernaut. According to this LA Times article, some Democrats “argued for a more aggressive effort to move the party to the left, hoping to drive up turnout among younger and minority voters. Others stressed a need to reach out to the disaffected working-class white voters who so conspicuously deserted the party this year.”

The Democratic Party needs to remake itself. A major component of Trump’s stump speech focused on energy development. The Democrats’ counter to that was (and still is) green energy. Let’s set aside the policy momentarily. That’s a losing argument for Democrats because these blue collar voters long for jobs that let them live in the cities they grew up in. They love the lifestyle their small towns give them.

Simply put, unless and until the Democrats stop treating environmental activists like they walk on water, they should be prepared to consistently lose those blue collar voters to the Republicans each cycle. Trump won the Great Lakes states because he understood people’s frustrations. Further, it’s clear that the ACA has people worried about their family budget. While Democrats see the ACA as their signature accomplishment, voters see it as a millstone around their neck.

If the Democratic Party doesn’t start listening to the American people on this issue, they’ll find themselves with smaller delegations in DC and in state legislatures and governorships for the near future. During the final 3 weeks of the campaign, part of Trump’s message focused on the ACA. By doing that, it became clear that Trump would be the forgotten voters’ voice in DC.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog