Voting for their lives, Part II

I highlighted Salena Zito’s article in this post because she’d discovered something fascinating that others haven’t paid attention to. The centerpiece of that article was that Ms. Zito had noticed that Democrats in southwestern Pennsylvania were switching their party allegiances.

Ms. Zito noted that “every single person who walked into Lee Supply’s training room, from the CEO down to the janitor, was a registered Democrat. And every single person pledged not only to vote for Trump and Toomey but to ask family, neighbors and friends to do the same.” According to the article, 60 people switched parties that day. That’s interesting but it isn’t the type of information that’d lead me to think that it’d be enough to flip an election. It’s worth noting that the “informal voter-registration effort [was] conducted by Secure Energy for America,” not the Trump campaign or the RNC.

Ms. Zito’s first article for the NY Post contains the type of information that indicates that there’s a full-blown movement happening that might tip the election in Mr. Trump’s direction:

Four years ago, Christian Rickers was a delegate from Virginia for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention; four months ago he voted for Bernie Sanders in the Virginia primary.
Now he’s a Trumpocrat. And he’s hoping to turn the Rust Belt red. This is a major turnaround for someone like Rickers. His earliest childhood memories include handing out leaflets for local Virginia Democratic candidates; as a teenager he attended that famous 1992 presidential debate when George H.W. Bush was captured looking at his watch. Right after, Rickers had his picture taken with a jubilant Bill Clinton.

He also served in current Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine’s administration when he was governor — appointed by Kaine. “I basically came out of the womb a Democrat,” he said. But beginning next week he’ll be loading a flatbed in Pittsburgh filled with “Trumpocrat” bumper stickers, signs, magnets and contact sheets, with his sights set on Cleveland and all that rich geography in between. The reason: “It’s all about who has your back, and Donald Trump has the country’s back,” he said.

The choice isn’t ideologically based, “It is about economic prosperity, and heart and the understanding that, yes, the system is rigged and we need someone who will go in and change that,” he said.

Rickers’ plan is ambitious. The seasoned operative has identified 10 counties throughout Pennsylvania and five in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, targeting 850,000 voters total. More than enough to make a difference in both states for Trump.

If anyone would have credibility with Bernie voters, it’s a former Bernie supporter. If Mr. Rickers is able to flip a significant portion of Bernie voters, then Hillary’s in trouble. That’s the big if, though. At this point, what Mr. Rickers has going for him is that Bernie’s voters don’t trust Mrs. Clinton. (Again, it’s worth noting that people, not the Trump campaign, are taking the initiative to do voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote drives. That’s why Hillary’s millions aren’t putting a dent in Trump’s support.)

Let’s see whether that’s a powerful position to start from.

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