Exposing CAIR’s misguided thinking

It’s time to put CAIR to the test. This article highlights CAIR’s wrong-headed thinking.

It’s insulting to read Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of CAIR, say “We are hopeful that the community will come together in a difficult tragedy.” I’m not the least bit worried that the community will come together. I’ve lived here 60 years and I’ve never seen a situation where the law-abiding citizens of St. Cloud didn’t come together after a tragedy. That isn’t the problem.

When I hear CAIR say that “there is concern about retaliation in St. Cloud because of a history of anti-Muslim sentiment here”, I start getting upset. What’s gotten the citizens of St. Cloud upset is the unwillingness of portions of the Somali population to assimilate. CAIR preaches inclusivity and tolerance constantly but they’ve never demanded that Muslim refugees assimilate.

What’s troublesome is that a significant percentage of Somali refugees in Minnesota have gotten radicalized by ISIS. Until Saturday night, ISIS was just a terrorist organization that conducted terrorist attacks in Europe or that beheaded journalists in Iraq. Now, they’ve claimed credit for attacking a mall in the city where I’ve lived my entire life.

Things just got more personal for me.

“We are all responsible for the safety of community members,” he said. “We are all responsible to not take an isolated incident and generalize it to reflect the larger community.”

That’s insulting. There is no we in this. CAIR would have us believe that the law-abiding citizens of St. Cloud are as guilty as the terrorist. We aren’t. CAIR apparently thinks that not trusting Muslims is the equivalent of committing a terrorist attack. They aren’t even close.

I can’t repeat this enough. It’s up to the refugee population to assimilate. If that happens, which I doubt, things will be just fine.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog