PCAs, SEIU & decertification

Will PCAs vote for decertification? If they’re persuaded by Jason Flohrs’ op-ed, the SEIU will see a significant drop in revenues.

Gov. Dayton and the SEIU got away with rigging an election. That’s because “less than 6,000 of the state’s 27,000 PCAs voted” to have the SEIU represent PCAs. The question that the SEIU and Gov. Dayton haven’t answered is why all PCAs weren’t given the right to vote to organize or not organize.

What’s insulting is the fact that Gov. Dayton signed a bill that defined these PCAs as government employees. In many instances, they’re family members taking care of other family members. According to SEIU, they’re government employees “because they receive a small Medicaid subsidy to care for the disabled person.” That’s how in-the-bag for the government unions Gov. Dayton is.

It’s important to distinguish between Gov. Dayton’s love of public employee unions and his apathy towards pipefitters, heavy equipment operators and miners. If you’re a miner, Gov. Dayton thinks you’re a second-class citizen. But I digress.

As Kris Greene, a PCA in Minnesota told the Daily Caller, the union has “not benefited me or my family. I really feel it’s about politics and not for me or my daughter…I just want to take care of my daughter in the best way that she needs and all this other stuff is just interference.”

Thankfully for Greene and the thousands of other Minnesota home caregivers who want to care for their loved one without the union skimming off the top, there is a remedy: Decertifying the union. If Greene and her fellow PCAs are able to collect enough signatures by Nov. 20, they will force another vote, in which a majority of caregivers who participate could select to be free from unionization. At www.decertify.org, Minnesota PCAs can fill out a card to be mailed in to add their signature in support of a decertification vote.

Rest assured of this: if there’s a vote on decertification, SEIU is history as far as representing the PCAs. These PCAs see the SEIU for what they are: parasites skimming 3% of their Medicaid subsidy, then doing nothing in return for their ‘representation.’ It’s time for these PCAs to rid themselves of these SEIU parasites.

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