Crossroads Mall terrorist attack?

The St. Cloud Times is reporting that there’s been a shooting at Crossroads Mall. Two hours after this article reported that “St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the incident took place around 8 p.m. local time. Police said the suspect yelled out “Allah” and asked shoppers if they were Muslim. Police said that the man was wearing a security uniform”, the Times added that information to their article.

To be fair, the Times reported that “St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said [that an] off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction shot and killed the suspect. Anderson did not say where that officer serves.” KVSC, the SCSU radio station, is reporting “One assailant is dead and another is in custody as St. Cloud Police continue to investigate the stabbing at Crossroads Mall. An officer, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the ongoing case, says the first suspect was shot.”

As more information comes in, it’s apparent that this was a terrorist attack. It’s apparent, too, that this wasn’t random, not with 2 assailants in the Mall at the same time. The thing that isn’t clear is whether the terrorists were former Somali refugees. That’s a distinct possibility because a high percentage of Muslims in St. Cloud are Somali refugees.

That isn’t a bigoted statement. It’s a statement of statistical fact, nothing more.

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