Steelworkers praise Nolan?

If there’s something that’s mind-boggling, it’s how steelworkers still praise the man who isn’t consistently fighting for them. What’s important to understand is that this isn’t about mining. It’s about the liberal agenda, at least with the union leadership.

Picture the union president saying “Because of his unabashed and outspoken support for our members, we are proud to stand with our congressman and present him with an award to recognize his commitment to our community, not only because of his work on trade, but for leading the fight to equalize pay for women, among other important issues.”

If I’m a miner who’s unemployed, and there are lots of people that fit that description, my first priority wouldn’t be to praise a politician “for leading the fight to equalize pay for women.” Further, I wouldn’t praise a guy who’s fought for high tariffs on countries that illegally dumped steel, then quietly supported Resolution 54, which would shut down mining.

People will take exception with that last statement. I’m perfectly prepared to defend it. It’s been reported that Rep. Nolan worked hard to not have the DFL Central Committee vote on Resolution 54. It’s been reported that “delegates voted unanimously to form an ad hoc committee comprised of the Iron Range Legislative Delegation and representatives of labor, the environmental caucus of the DFL Central Committee, and the Native American tribes to work out compromise wording on a mining resolution to be presented at the committee’s December meeting.”

Nolan knows there won’t be a compromise between the miners and environmental activists. Those groups mix together like oil and water. At the DFL State Central Committee meeting, the environmental activists will propose an anti-mining resolution and it will have the votes to pass. It’ll pass because the environmental activists have the vote to pass it.

It’s clear that the DFL’s leadership sides consistently with the environmental activists. Rep. Nolan knows this. If Range workers are satisfied with inconsistent representation that occasionally sides with them but sides with the environmental activists most of the time, then they deserve representation like Nolan.

If they want someone that’ll consistently fight for them, though, then Stewart Mills is their only option this November.

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