Saying no to the environmentalists

This week, a miracle happened. A handful of liberals stood up to some environmental activists.

According to the article, “Councilors Gary Anderson, Em Westerlund and Joel Sipress introduced the resolution, which asserted that “the project has the potential to impair water quality, adversely affect wild rice and aquatic life and increase mercury contamination of fish in downstream waters,” including the St. Louis River and Lake Superior itself.”

First, I’ll back up a bit and explain what the resolution was about. Again, according to the article, the city council proposed “a resolution calling on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to order a public hearing in front of an administrative law judge to weigh the potential risks versus the benefits of developing a proposed copper-nickel-precious metals mine on property that formerly was home to the now-defunct LTV Steel Mining Co. outside of Hoyt Lakes.”

Simply put, the request to have an administrative law judge weigh in on this is improper. The statutes that deal with permitting don’t allow for having an administrative law judge to hear the evidence. These city councilmembers were asking the DNR to ignore the law and make the procedure up as they wanted.

That trio of “councilors” wanted the City Council to ignore the law to advance their anti-development agenda. They wanted the Duluth City Council to treat them like the laws of this state didn’t apply to them.

This time, a handful of liberals told the environmental activists to take a hike. Unfortunately, I won’t expect that to happen again for another 20 years.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog