Another environmental activist?

Though I’m not the go-to expert of the Cuyuna Range or its politics, it’s difficult to picture the DFL defeating Dale Lueck this November. After reading this LTE in the Brainerd Dispatch, it’s difficult to picture people getting persuaded by it.

The premise of the LTE is that they need to elect the DFL candidate to protect the environment. The part that’s stunning is when the LTE says “we still have time to protect our northern lakes from over-development, pipeline spills, and runoff, but to do this, we need knowledgeable legislators who care, not the current ‘exploit it all’ mentality.”

Let’s get this straight. Voters in the Aitkin/Cuyuna area “need” to elect Erin Wagner to the legislature because sometime in the future, the water in their lakes might not be gin-clear and there might be a pipeline running through HD-10B. This is proof that the only thing that the DFL has to offer in outstate Minnesota is fear itself.

Now that Enbridge has cancelled the Sandpiper Pipeline project thanks to the environmental activist wing of the DFL always getting their way, the likelihood of a pipeline getting built in northern Minnesota is pretty much nonexistent. The chances that the waters in Big Trout Lake, Cross Lake or Ossawinnamakee will get stained are pretty much nonexistent, too.

Voters should reject Ms. Wagner because “Conservation Minnesota has endorsed” Ms. Wagner. Conservation Minnesota is fighting mining of all sorts, though it won’t admit it. Here’s what it says about mining:

As a member of the Mining Truth coalition, we’re working with partners and members throughout the state to educate Minnesotans on the difference between traditional iron mining and unproven and high-risk sulfide mining.

That’s an outright lie. Conservation Minnesota can’t fight iron mining because it’s well-established. It can’t admit, though, that sulfide is embedded in the rock all across the Range. It isn’t just found in precious metal deposits. It’s also found in taconite deposits.

In other words, a vote for Ms. Wagner is a vote for another DFL environmental activist in the legislature, which is like saying it’s a vote for higher unemployment and wage stagnation on the Range.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog