Voting for their livelihoods?

While I wrote this post, I couldn’t stop thinking that the Iron Range would benefit if DFL activists from the Range started thinking like the Democrats who filed into Lee Supply’s training room in Charleroi, PA, which is in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Democrats in southwestern Pennsylvania that filed into that training room entered as Democrats but left as Trump voters. Angela LeJohn isn’t just voting for Donald Trump but for Pat Toomey, too. That’s because, in her opinion, “voting to preserve their industry means voting for Trump and Toomey.” Ms. LeJohn is employed by Lee Supply, which specializes in “pipe and pumping systems used in everything from traditional applications, such as water distribution and sewage treatment, to highly specialized applications such as horizontal directional drilling, slip lining, leachate and methane collection, gas extraction and water transport.”

If the Iron Range got smart, they’d vote Republican for a few cycles. A few weeks ago, Rick Nolan and Ken Martin postponed a vote on something known on the Range as Resolution 54. The text of Resolution 54 reads “Oppose sulfide ore mining, which is significantly different from taconite mining, poses unacceptable environmental risks, threatens multiple watersheds (Lake Superior, BWCA/VNP, Mississippi) and should not be allowed in the sulfur-bearing rock of Minnesota.”

Bill Hanna, the executive editor of the Mesabi Daily News, notes that “while mining opponents, most notably the DFL Environmental Caucus, are targeting nonferrous projects, they either fail to realize, or don’t care, that all rock mined on the Range is ‘sulfur-bearing rock,’ including in taconite production. So Resolution 54 would put the DFL Party squarely against a 135-year history of mining in Minnesota and opposed to a proud traditional way of life for more than a century on the Iron Range.”

As the people of Charleroi, PA have figured out, it’s more important to vote for people you don’t always agree with but who’ll always “have your back” than it is to always vote for Democrats just because that’s what you’ve always done. If the Range doesn’t figure this out, they’ll soon realize that they’ll have to vote Republican to protect their livelihoods.

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