ABM mailer: Dorholt is pro-special interest

Friday afternoon, I received a mailer that was paid for by the Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund. This mailer touted Zach Dorholt because he’ll “protect a woman’s right to choose, fight back against attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, work to pass paid family leave and make childcare more affordable.”

The opening paragraph of the mailer sounds threatening, saying “Women make hundreds of decisions every day and should be able to make the most personal ones — about their health, birth control and pregnancies — without interference from their boss or from politicians.” Let’s examine that paragraph.

When was the last time a Minnesota legislator offered legislation that would invalidate Roe v. Wade? Let’s be blunt, people. That’s what it would take to outlaw “a woman’s right to choose.” Actually, that isn’t enough because Roe v. Wade is a ruling from the US Supreme Court. In other words, there isn’t a thing that state legislators can do to outlaw a woman’s right to choose.

Later, it mentions that Dorholt would fight against defunding Planned Parenthood. Since that’s never been proposed in Minnesota, who cares what Mr. Dorholt thinks about the issue? It’s irrelevant. Finally, it mentions that Dorholt will work to “make childcare more affordable.” That’s code for he’s voted to force unionization on in-home child care providers.

In other words, it means that Dorholt will fight for a woman’s right to choose, something that he has utterly no control over and that he’ll fight against anyone who wants to defund Planned Parenthood, something that nobody’s attempted to do in Minnesota. Finally, he told everyone that he voted to force unionization down in-home child care providers’ throats. That ended with a thud when in-home child care providers rejected AFSCME’s ‘offer’ to represent them by a vote of 1,014-392.

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