Kenneth Toole speaks the truth

This LTE is one of the most hard-hitting, most DFL-exposing, most honest LTEs I’ve read about the DFL’s disgust with mining. It was written by Kenneth Toole, who has apparently figured out Rick Nolan. (Here’s hoping that there are thousands of Kenneth Toole voters this November.)

Mr. Toole started his LTE by saying “Last weekend in Sauk Rapids, Rick Nolan helped broker another backroom deal to help ensure his own re-election, while throwing mining families under the bus; pressuring his fellow DFLers to delay their anti-mining resolution until just after Election Day, when the anti-mining, anti-jobs, anti-working family resolution will then be passed.”

Never was the phrase ‘the devil’s in the details’ more true than in this instance. Mr. Toole wrote that “as part of Nolan’s backroom deal, the DFL has announced that Rebecca Otto, who is known on the range as anti-mining, will lead an ‘Ad Hoc Task Force’ to address the DFL’s anti-mining push. Otto is not only known on the Range as anti-mining, but according to the Mesabi Daily News, Otto previously voted ‘against awarding leases for exploration.’”

Anyone that thinks Rebecca Otto will give mining a fair shot likely thinks that Republicans will get a fair shake from the Twin Cities media or that Lori Sturdevant will actually scrutinize the DFL’s SWLRT project. Simply put, mining won’t get a fair shot from Ms. Otto. She’s as anti-mining as the DFL gets.

Here’s hoping that lots of Kenneth Toole voters show up on Nov. 8. It’s time to retire Rick Nolan once and for all. He’s nothing more than a backstabbing career politician who won’t hesitate to stab miners in the back if it’ll help him get elected.

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