Dayton-DFL indoctrination

I just received an indoctrination email from Gov. Dayton’s office. The opening paragraphs of the email state “ST. PAUL, MN – Standing beside the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fish Pond at the Minnesota State Fair, Governor Mark Dayton this week announced a “Year of Water Action” Stewardship Pledge, which will last throughout the year. The pledge calls for Minnesotans to rethink how water impacts daily life and the lives of future generation; to use water efficiently and wisely in everyday activities; to learn more about what individuals can do to protect and preserve water; to make informed consumer choices; and to talk to one another about water protection and preservation.

“As I travel across Minnesota, I hear frequent concerns about the quality of our state’s water,” said Governor Dayton. “The future of clean water in Minnesota is dependent on the action we all take now. That is why I am asking all Minnesotans to join me, in pledging to protect and preserve clean water throughout our state.”

Let’s stipulate that Gov. Dayton means from DFL stronghold to DFL stronghold when he talks about travelling across Minnesota. Appearing anywhere that people might confront him definitely isn’t part of Gov. Dayton’s agenda. (FYI- It isn’t part of Sen. Franken’s agenda, either, but I digress.)

Let’s understand what this is. This is the Dayton-DFL indoctrination program. Surely, people can’t oppose cleaner water, they’ll tell you, knowing that they’ll require a new raft of regulations that they’ll later use to strangle jobs on the Iron Range and throughout rural Minnesota. The DFL’s indoctrination is especially targeted at children:

Turn off water faucets? Carry your own water bottle? These sound like things they told us before the first Earth Day half a century ago. (Or whenever it was. FOOTNOTE: The first Earth Day was on 4/22/1970 so it’s only been around 46 years, not 50.)

Let’s remember that, with the DFL, no age is too early to indoctrinate kids on the environment. Here’s a question worth pondering: how can the political party that believes in indoctrinating children about the environment side with miners, farmers and blue collar workers? I’d submit that they can’t support miners, farmers and blue collar workers while indoctrinating children about the environment.

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