Paul Thissen: dishonest & partisan

I’ve written more than a few posts highlighting Rep. Thissen’s dishonesty. It’s nice to know that others have noticed those traits in him, too. This op-ed, written by Rep. John Petersburg, who represents House District 24A, cites the same traits.

Rep. Petersburg starts his op-ed by saying “It was amusing to read Minneapolis Minority Leader Paul Thissen’s inaccurate and partisan letter to the editor in this last week’s paper attacking Rep. Brian Daniels and House Republicans over special session negotiations. Thissen and liberal Metro Democrats are desperate to say and do anything this fall to defeat hardworking legislators like Brian. Why? It’s simple: Paul Thissen wants a return to single-party Democrat control in Minnesota.”

It’s time that Minnesota accepts as fact that Rep. Thissen is one of the most disgusting men to serve in the legislature. He’s been accused of making derogatory statements about GOP staffers. House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin, Reps. Mary Franson, Tony Albright, Marion O’Neill, Tara Mack, Dan Fabian and Jim Nash, stated in their letter that Rep. Thissen “routinely made derogatory remarks about our staff by name on the House floor and in the Rules Committee. These comments were made knowing that our staff cannot respond in kind and that staff has no microphone to defend themselves.”

This paragraph highlights Rep. Thissen’s dishonesty:

I find Minority Leader Thissen’s partisan finger pointing especially interesting given that he personally wrote a letter to Gov. Dayton calling for Hwy. 14 funding to be removed from any special session bonding bill. It’s seems Rep. Thissen is trying to have it both ways and is being disingenuous with Faribault Daily News readers.

It’s clear that Rep. Thissen isn’t interested in working to make Minnesota better. He’s interested in being a dishonest partisan hack who’s interested in one-party rule in St. Paul.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog