Did Angie Craig cheat veterans?

Based on this article, it sounds like Angie Craig isn’t an honest businessperson. The article says “The company in 2012 paid $3.65 million as part of a settlement with the Department of Justice over the allegation. The settlement resolved allegations by two whistleblowers that the company violated the False Claims Act that it had inflated the cost of replacement pacemakers and defibrillators purchased by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.”

The issue had subsided until this week when “St. Jude came under renewed scrutiny last week when Carson Block, a prominent short seller, issued a memo to investors warning that the company’s devices could be fatally hacked. “The nightmare scenario is somebody is able to launch a mass attack and cause these devices that are implanted to malfunction,” Block said in an interview with Bloomberg.

At the time of this settlement, Ms. Craig “ran media relations” for St. Jude Medical. Now, Ms. Craig is running an ad touting her as the veterans’ hero:

That’s downright shameful. Ms. Craig’s company ripped off veterans and exposed them to hackers that might kill these veterans. Putting veterans at risk of getting killed isn’t the way to be a veterans’ hero. That’s like saying the administrators at the Phoenix VA Hospital are heroes. They’re nothing of the sort. Ms. Craig isn’t the veterans’ hero, either.

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