SWLRT funding is a scam

I wrote this post last week to highlight the documented fact that Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators knew that the federal government wouldn’t fund the federal portion of the SWLRT project until a series of lawsuits were settled. That’s why the DFL Senate didn’t include the $135,000,000 funding for SWLRT in their $1,800,000,000 bonding bill. That bonding bill would’ve been the biggest bonding bill in state history by almost $750,000,000.

One lawsuit that’s on the docket is scheduled to start on Sept. 17, 2017. That isn’t a misprint. The trial won’t start until Sept. 17, 2017. There’s another potential lawsuit waiting in the wings. That lawsuit, if it was brought, would be filed by the Calhoun-Isles Condominium Association. This Strib article highlights why the Calhoun-Isles Condominium Association would file that lawsuit.

According to the article, “Condominium residents along the planned Southwest Corridor light-rail route in Minneapolis want assurances that a transit tunnel won’t hurt their buildings. The residents of 143 units along the future light-rail route south of Cedar Lake Parkway say the trains will run through a tunnel on rails 12 feet from the foundations of their condos and parking structure.”

They added that “We have received no assurance that operation of 200 trains per day … will not materially undermine their integrity and safety,” read a letter this week from a lawyer for the Calhoun-Isles Condominium Association to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and the City Council. “No one knows what all of the effects will be, but it is certain that they will be significant and harmful.”

The Dayton-DFL SWLRT funding push is a political scam. They know that the project won’t get federal funding for at least 2 years and possibly longer. That means local funding is irrelevant for the near future because local funding only accounts for 10%-15% of the funding.

Quite literally, SWLRT is going nowhere fast. Thanks to Gov. Dayton’s stubbornness and the DFL’s unwillingness to challenge Gov. Dayton, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are being deprived of meaningful tax relief. Farmers and small businesses won’t get their property tax relief. Veterans won’t get their tax relief. Students and parents will find college expensive because Gov. Dayton vetoed the Tax Bill.

BTW, the DFL failed to fight for the tax relief they voted for. That’s rather telling, isn’t it? That might be enough to tip votes in a close rural election.

Authored By Let Freedom Ring Blog